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Inside Sales Interview Questions


Inside Sales Interview Questions

Here is the Best Top 10 Inside sales Interview Questions that 99% of all job seekers will get asked in Inside sales interview.

1. List some of the most important sales skills?

  • an outgoing and likable personality
  • confident and authoritative speaker
  • strong presentation skills
  • confidence in your own abilities
  • a high degree of self-motivation
  • a passion for selling
  • personal ambition
  • resilience and persistence
  • ability to communicate with people at all levels
  • strong negotiation skills
  • able to work own your own initiative and as part of a team
  • results orientated
  • good time management

2. What’s your opinion of the role of learning in sales?

The development of sales is continuously changing and to effectively represent the company properly is a lifelong learning process. Learning in sales is a must and continued educations sets a sales representative up for success.

3. Are you comfortable making cold calls?

Don’t just say yes. Follow it up with why. For example Cold calling is the back bone of the sales activity. It always gives me all the confidence and has been giving me a number of very sound clients.

4. What is more important: emphasizing more on satisfying your customer needs or fulfilling sales quota every month?

Depending on your enterprise goal, either answer could be the right one. If your enterprise is into earnings then reps achieving their revenue quota is corporation high priority, and If it is more inclined towards addressing patron needs and needs then their satisfaction is the excellent goal. But when your organization generates profit by working towards each the hobbies, then you definitely ought to prevent those reps who prioritize earnings quota over client pleasure.

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5. Tell me about  one thing you think our company can improve

Don’t cop out, because there’s always room for improvement. Take a look through the company’s product or service description on their website to get an idea of how it works.

6. What is your greatest achievement till date?

Mention one or two achievements which are directly related to the job offered.

7. What is a Sales Goal or Quota?

A sales quota, or sales goal, is a set amount of selling that a salesperson is expected to meet over a given time frame. Almost all companies set quotas for their salespeople, as a quota both ensures that a salesperson knows what is expected of him/her and is the easiest way to determine what commissions are due for that salesperson.

8. What are three adjectives a former client would use to describe you?

Listen for meaning of “helpful,” as a consultative approach is becoming increasingly important in modern sales.

9. How do you keep up-to-date on your target market?

Candidate should be able to find and  keep up to date with relevant industry content .

10. Sell me this pen

You might be asked to sell the interviewer  a pen, a pencil or some other object.  As with other hypothetical questions, there will be no right answer but the employer will be interested in the sales process that you follow,your enthusiasm and creativity and your verbal and communication skills.

11. Have you ever turned a prospect away? If so, why?

Selling to everyone – even if a salesperson knows it’s not in the prospect’s best interest — is a recipe for disaster.

12. Have you ever ever had a shedding streak? How did you flip it round?

Everyone has bad spells, so beware of someone who claims they’ve never experienced a downturn. Nothing’s wrong with a temporary slump as long as we learn from it.

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13. What do you think motives reps the most?

“It depends on the Rep”- have the ability to lead a team.

14. How important is money to you?

It’s better to steer a primarily money motivated salesperson to a new territory or another opportunity at the individual contributor level rather than promote  them top management.

15. What you dislike and like about the sales process?

Ensure the candidate is comfortable with taking on the role of sales process, and ask about their strategies for making reps adhere to the response.

inside sales interview questions

16. As a sales person,what challenges are you looking for in this position ?

The best  answer to questions about the challenges you are seeking is to discuss how you would like to be able to effectively utilize your experience and skills if you were hired for the job. Also mention that you are motivated by challenges, have the ability to effectively meet challenges, and have the flexibility and skills necessary to handle a challenging job.

17.  How comfortable are you with technology?

While sales manager candidates don’t need to be computer whizzes,some technologies savvy is necessary.

18. Do you prefer a short or long sales cycle?

Long sales cycle and also it totally depends on the product value and need of the customer.

19.  Do you have any questions to ask us?

Never ask regarding leave, Salary, perks, place of posting . Try to ask more about the company to show how early you can make a contribution to organization like for example “Sir, I would like to know more about developmental programs?” or Sir, I would like to have my feedback, so that I can analyze and improve my strengths and rectify my negatives.

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20. What’s your least favorite part of the sales process?

What’s your least favorite part of the sales process?
If your least favorite part is the most important part in the company, then that’s probably a red flag. This question can also alert you to weak areas. So answer, according to the situation.

21. Mention the role of social media in your selling activity?

LinkedIn ,twitter  and Facebook is highly considered options used for searching prospect’s details. The more your candidate knows about their prospect’s background, the simpler they pitch them with the product. Moreover, through these social media  sites your reps can get referrals from their existing clients.

22. What specific tactics do you apply to deal with difficult customers?

Every customer has a distinct nature and behavior, handling them all differently can be really difficult. For example: Clients who constantly keeps changing their mind demands one thing on the phone but has a completely different choice to make on email an hour later. So , The sales rep, in this case, can  record the call and use it in case of a conflict.

23. What motivates you?

There are a lot of answers to this question . For Example , if teamwork is an important aspect of your sales team, a candidate who is driven by self competition might not be a great fit.

24. What made you get into sales?

Commission, while perhaps part of the motivation, is not a great response to this question.

25. What’s your opinion of the role of learning in sales?

Being thrown for a loop by this question is a sign that the candidate isn’t a life-long learner, which is becoming increasingly important in sales.