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WordPress Theme Development Tutorial – Part 1


WordPress Theme Development Tutorial- Part 1
Wordpress is on a rage, people are making optimum use of this platform to create dynamic websites and win the world. While some developers are earning millions some innocuous amateur developers are stuck with theme development. A theme plays an important role in attracting readers and customers. You need to have an exquisite theme for maintaining a loyal set of readers. In this tutorial we will teach you about WordPress Theme Development: –

Even if you have a HTML website, you can continue working on it and you need to throw it into the trash. You can always make the optimum use of the HTML code and convert it into wordpress for better theme development. All you need to have is a code editor like Notepad or Notepad++.

The first thing that comes up in the paradigm of developing a wordpress theme is naming it. You need to name your wordpress theme and then proceed. You need to name it as creatively as you can because it is going to represent your creativity from now onwards and people will know you because of the same.
Things to be considered while naming your wordpress theme: –

Keep the index.html and if required stylesheet ready before you get on to with the nomenclature. You can download these files from the internet whenever you need them.

You need to have a wordpress installation. One installed theme is the requisite for the same, you need to have a theme already installed so that you can overwrite the stuff and get your theme settle in with great ease and convenience. If you don’t have then get one of the custom theme from the directory of wordpress or from the internet. It is necessary to have a theme pre-installed on the site.

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You need to create a folder for the theme before installing your theme. The created folder is going to be the place where your theme will be saved.
Now go to the editor you are using and place this code inside: –
/*Theme Name: Your theme’s name
2 Theme URI: Your theme’s URL
3 Description: A brief description of your theme
4 Version: 1.0 or any other version you want
5 Author: Your name or’s username
6 Author URI: Your web address
7 Tags: Tags to locate your theme in the WordPress theme repository
After the naming thing comes Indexing. Though indexing is all together a different chapter and you will need to spend some good time making assumptions of the same.
Use the following code for converting your HTML code into a wordpress theme: – <!DOCTYPE html>
2 <head>
3 <meta charset=”UTF-8″>
4 <title>How To Convert HTML Template to WordPress Theme – WPExplorer</title>
5 <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”all” href=”style.css”/>
6 </head>
7 <body>
8 <div id=”wrap”>
9 <header class=”header”>
10 <p>This is header section. Put your logo and other details here.</p>
11 </header><!– .header –>
12 <div class=”content”>
13 <p>This is the main content area.</p>
14 </div><!– .content –>
15 <div class=”sidebar”>
16 <p>This is the side bar</p>
17 </div><!– .sidebar –>
18 <footer class=”footer”>
19 <p>And this is the footer.</p>
20 </footer><!– .footer –>
21 </div><!– #wrap –>
22 </body>
23 </html>