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Top 25 Secrets of Successful Bloggers


Top 25 Secrets of a Successful Blogger
Blogging is getting very popular online. Many new blogs are burgeoning every day. But what are the secrets of becoming a successful blogger?

  1. Think about what you would like to blog about. It could be anything of your interest like sports or movies etc.
    Choose a good blog host. There are many good free and paid blog host sites available like blogger, wordpress etc.
  2. Define your audience. Target a specific audience and blog to cater to their needs.
  3. Give a suitable title. Choose such a title which would reflect the content of your blog. Make it catchy and amusing.
  4. Pick out an attractive theme. Use a theme that complements your content and which is not too loud to make text legible.
  5. Be unique. Cater fresh and unique content every time, to become a successful blogger.
  6. Let your blog reflect your personality to make audience connect to you.
  7. Give your readers a piece of your mind. Your content should portray your thoughts, opinions and take on the world.
  8. Take care of what you say. Your content should never be offensive to any person or community.
  9. Get your facts straight. If you are blogging about topics related to history, news etc.; be sure to give the correct date, facts and other research material.
  10. Put a content that is not anywhere else available on the internet. It is the key to a successful blog.
  11. Read other’s blogs. Go through your competitors’ blogs, analyze them, identify their secret of success and try to employ them in your own blog.
  12. Keep a track of what is going on in the blog world. Be up-to-the-minute on current trends and developments online.
  13. Add new content on a regular basis. A blogger that is active and updates his blog periodically keeps his audience anchored and makes his blog successful.
  14. Keep your readers interested. It’s imperative that you keep the tone and content of your blog fresh and absorbing.
  15. Edit and proofread your own post before publishing. Your language should be grammatically correct and clean.
  16. Be consistent. Stick to the subject of your blog. Create related content regularly.
  17. Connect. Encourage a two-way interaction. Invite comments and feedback and publish them.
    Discuss. Make your blog a platform for audience and the blogger to share ideas and discuss them to ensure its popularity and success.
  18. Respect your reader’s opinions. If a reader corrects you or takes objection on any of your content apologize and moderate your post in question.
  19. Comment on others’ blogs. Leave friendly and appreciative comments with your blog’s link. This will encourage those bloggers to do the same for you and increase your audience in return.
  20. Optimize your blog. While writing a new post, make use of sites such as ϋbersuggest and employ the most searched keywords in it.
  21. Advertise your blog. Promote your blog through online forums, social networking sites, making ads and sending e-mails to generate more page views. This will help you make money and be a successful blogger.
    Employ advertisements on your blog. Make use of the ad generators like Google AdSense to put up ads on your blog and earn through pay per click.
  22. Don’t come on to look as too desperate or selfish. Don’t keep on talking about yourself and promote other blogs, organizations or products as well.
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