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Top Best Facebook Apps Ever



Causes is the world’s largest online campaigning platform. Causes connects people who support a common cause and empowers them to take action together. Causes members have raised over $48M for nonprofits, collected 34M signatures for grassroots campaigns, and organized thousands of awareness campaigns. Since launching in 2007, Causes has helped over 186M people in 156 countries connect with their cause.


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Someecards is a free online e-cards. Someecard’s deadpan humor has drawn widespread approval from those for whom traditional greeting and Ecards do not appeal, especially younger urbanaudiences. The cards are divided into many categories, including events for which one might send a real greeting card, such as birthdays, weddings, and holidays. The categories also contain cards for unusual occasions, such as after a breakup, to flirt, and as a “cry for help.”

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Where I’ve Been

Are you a big traveler? Do you like to brag about it? The Where I’ve Been app powered by TripAdvisor is here to make that bragging even easier by providing a one-stop-spot to tell all your Facebook buddies where you’ve been, where you’re going, whom you travel with, and where you’d most like to go. Hopefully, any annoyed friends won’t tell you where they’d most like you to go.

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You may not be old enough to remember the TV game show Name That Tune but Song Pop is the modern equivalent. Guess songs as quickly as you can to test your music recognition prowess, then measure your knowledge against others, both friends and strangers. You can also play it on your mobile phone.

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The standard image editing tools at are already pretty good, and now you can access them right within Facebook to make edits to your uploaded images. You can crop, resize, change brightness or contrast or saturation, draw upon, type a caption, fix redeye, and apply effects to any image in your albums or on your timeline.

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PiZap is for editing photos right on Facebook without an external editor. Access it to make a collage of your photos, add a background, create cool covers images for your timeline, or just make simple photo fixes.

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Skype Video Calling

Whether you have a Skype account or not, Facebook’s new Video Calling feature uses Skype technology to get you face-to-face with friends fast. To start chatting, find any online friend in your chat list and click the camera logo next to the person’s name. Before your first chat, Facebook will make you download and install a little plug-in software.

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TripAdvisor is a travel website providing directory information and reviews of travel-related content. It also includes interactive travel forums. TripAdvisor was an early adopter of user-generated content. The website services are free to users, who provide most of the content, and the website is supported by an advertising business model.

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Do you think Myspace is the best social network for musicians? ONErpm wants you to think again. Its service lets anyone with a fan page upload original music for fans to enjoy and, better yet, purchase. You’ll keep 70 percent of the sales and can set the per-track and album price yourself.

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BitDefender Safego

Like Norton (below), BitDefender safego checks your wall and news feed for possible infection, but does so in a much nicer interface. It will tell you if your friends have infections that you should warn them about.

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bitdefenser safego


Minor Monitor

This isn’t a Facebook app strictly speaking, but it’s a program parents should know about. It’s an entirely Web-based parental control tool for monitoring a minor’s Facebook usage, complete with hourly graphs of what took place, IDs of friends, word-use monitoring, and email alerts sent to parents. Unlike the competition from Net Nanny and Trend Micro, this one is totally free for tracking one kid’s account.

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App Builder

Need a free app to do something special on your page? Perhaps the term “app” is very loosely defined for Facebook if just anyone can make one without any programming skills but App Builder promises you don’t need to know a thing to create a slew of apps, all of which are completely free.

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app builder



Another DIY app tool, iFrapp can build contests, contact forms, showrooms for products, page-only video players, and more using online tools. The results look really good and can embed on a Facebook page. It’ll cost you a minimum of $15 a month to have one app, but you get discounts if you build multiple apps.

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More than one million blogs are registered on NetworkedBlogs. Why? Because it’s a fast and easy way to syndicate your blog content to social networks, like Twitter and especially Facebook. That means you blog once, but everyone sees it, sometimes on a new tab on the Facebook page.

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Pipe is currently invite-only but once it’s up and running for everyone, it might be the best way to share a file with a Facebook friend. Just drop the file (it must be less than 1GB in size) onscreen and it will instantly show up on your friend’s screen.

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Search the planet’s best Encyclopaedia 2.0 from within Facebook, while telling yourself that it’s never inaccurate. Never…

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Zoho is an online office space that lets users collaborate on projects in real time, and the Zoho Office Suite offers users a seamless link between their Zoho and Facebook accounts. Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and databases are among the range of features, which can be stored afterwards  and shared with friends.

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