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Top 10 Tricks & Tips for Evernote Users


Top 10 Tricks & Tips for Evernote Users

 The hustle bustle of our works has made us time redundant, we are always in hurry and we are always missing onto something. The contemporary world is a busy place and in the race to see that specific impediment in our lives, we are losing grip on our life.

Evernote is one amazing technology that allows hundreds of users to keep a note of everything that is important and needs attention. You can always note down your thoughts and your important meeting schedules, you can also upload scanned pictures in order to keep a control everything that is important in your life.

We bring to you ten tricks that will make you a better Evernote user. Follow these ten tried and tested tricks to make the most of Evernote: –

Password protects your data: –It is impossible for you to encrypt your data every time, you may not be free enough to encrypt your data and this may lead to unauthorized access. In case of hurry you can always make use of password protection to keep your data safe from loss and from un-authorized access.

  • Creating a Watch Folder: – People across the world make use of Evernote for keeping the scanned copies of their travel tickets, paid bills, movie tickets and of other bills. Though it is going to be difficult for you to keep importing your files into evernote and for so Evernote leverages you with the option to make use of watch folder. With the use of watch folder you need to export all your files manually, you can simply drag and drop them into the Watch folder and it will appear in your Evernote. Currently this option is only available for systems with Windows installed on them.
  • Creating Shortcuts to Notes: – If you are an entrepreneur and you need to take notes every now and then. You can always make shortcut of the notepad to take notes at great speed. These notes are very important from the business point of view and they are going to help you in coming future, so create a shortcut today and never miss onto them.
  • Search text inside images: – You can make use of OCR technology to search for specific texts or keywords in the images.
  • Use Nested Tags: – make use of nested tags to short list all the items and data on your note. You can categories business under entrepreneurship and you can categorize entrepreneurship under careers. This will lead to a sorted database on your Evernote.
  • Bulk Forward to Emails: – You can download a plug-in and enable it to transfer all your emails into the evernote for easier and quicker access.
  • Edit attachments live: – Most of the people don’t know this but yes you can edit your attachments on this evernote and upload it back in your email account.
  • Turn off email reminder: – If you are receiving loads of spams these days then you can switch off your email reminder.
  • Advanced search: – You will need to download special plug-ins to make your search advanced; it will save time and allow working on a faster pace.
  • Stay local: – It may not be important for you to sync all your data from evernote to your pc and hence you can choose a same option.