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Top 10 Open Source Project Management Tools


Every project is developed with intricate planning and with zealous dedication. Sometimes we work harder but at the end we are left with nothing. It is important to follow the paradigm of planning and then harvest results that are going to be beneficial for the world.

Project Management tools are very important for enterprises across the world, it is important for the companies to use all the available resources in an appropriate way to achieve the success of the project.

In this article we bring to you the top 10 open source project management tools: –

  • Codendii: – Codendii is an open source project management tools available for free download over the internet. It collects all the indispensable resources for developing a tool. It allows the companies to develop a systematic listing of the work. It is better than hundreds of innocuous open source project management tools.


  • Redmine: – Yet, another marvelous tool for project management, unlike codendii it acquires information of the resources and prepares a plan on its own which is later customized by the people of the company working for them.


  • Projectpier: – One of the most popular open source project development tool in the contemporary world. This software package has a sense of management and prepares a report and schedule that goes by the company requirements.


  • Trac: – It has a bad record but it is also used by people because of the great integrating tool that it has.
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  • Project HQ: – As the name goes Project HQ—High Quality—the work of this project management tool is also high quality. It allows the managers from different corners of the world to develop a plan and a schedule that is reliable and considers things related to human resources management and raw material management.


  • Collabtive: – Collabtive has a special feature that understands the project well and its automatic processing unit processes the nuances of project in a well-defined manner and then produces a detailed review on it. This open source management tool has allowed the managers to make their working easier and efficient.


  • eGrouppWare: – Designed and developed for e-commerce companies across the world, this open source management tool is awesome and it contributes to the development of the e-commerce in an effective way. The world is looking forward to more of such open source management tools that can help them in solving managerial problems.


  • K Forge: – Though it ranks at last but it is one of the most effective open source management tools in this contemporary world. The world has been led to an enormous era of amazing software and managers but this open source management tool defies all the caricatures of the world.


  • OpenGoo: – Ranking 9 but it has all the capacity to rank higher than collabtive but the software is known to fail under extreme circumstance.


  • ClockingIT: – This amazing open source management tool has the potential to time your project and make it a success.