How to think like a Geek

How to think like a Geek


How to Think Like a Geek
Remember the wired kid in your school or college that wore double lensed glasses and those oversized baggy pants and who was always immersed in his block of a book? Well don’t be too surprised if your next employer proves out to be him!
Yes, geek or nerd or dork whatever you may call him; accept it or not but you definitely want to think like him and be like him.

Be your own unique self
No matter what people say or how they react, live your life the way you want to. Nerds are known to be eccentric. It’s okay if you are too. It’s better to be yourself then be a part of the crowd.
Find out what interests you the most
Submerse yourself totally into the subject of your choice; be it science or technology, engineering or math or even history, poetry or arts. Boost your knowledge to make use of it when the time is right.

Go into the depth of the details
A nerd absolutely loves to find facts, explore the details and get to the roots of the subject matter.

Never categorize into black or white
Nerds tend to put a theory, argue with themselves and think about all the aspects of the subject in question. They may think about one thing and then refute themselves only to get to the base of the matter. They weigh rightly both the pros and cons and just conclude the nature of the subject, instead of taking a side.

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Ask questions
Never be afraid to ask questions. If you want to think like a nerd you also need to question like one. A nerd never rests till he gets all his questions answered to his satisfaction about the information’s credibility, source, usability and quality.

Become a bookworm
A book is a nerd’s best friend. Make use of the immense knowledge held between the pages of books. Immerse yourself in the depths of this vast ocean. Do not stop on the just books though. Learn from your environment, observe, make use of technology and read online. The more you will read the more you will start to think like a nerd.

Be lost in your passion
A nerd is known to be always in his own world. His mind is constantly occupied with thousands of ideas and thoughts. He may be busy doing complex equations, oblivious to the world outside. However, do not lose on the teachings in your school or institute. As much as you may be indulged in your own intellectual world, still learning in school is of prime importance. Concentrate there.

Be unaffected with what others think
Do not worry if your invention or your look may not get the approval from the onlookers. They may be more social and dressy but you are smarter than them. Do your own thing. If you feel left out, alone or on the rough side, try to channel your anger and frustration constructively, maybe by studying the pattern of the spider’s web or inventing a new robot.

Celebrate being a nerd
Be happy for who and how you are. Have fun doing what you enjoy the most. Make new friends with similar interests or join any online community to share your ideas, beliefs and get positive response from them as well. Keep your attitude optimistic and enjoy yourself to the fullest in your own quirky way.

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