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SharePoint Interview Questions


Many of us don’t know about SharePoint platform. Most of the top MNC’s included the SharePoint interview questions in their interview pattern. So if you are planning to join a MNC then surely you should go through it.

1. Define SharePoint?

SharePoint helps the people to connect and collaborate and it can be configured to run Extranet, Intranet and Internet sites.

2. What are the new features in WSS 3.0?

  • Integrated workflows
  • RSS feeds
  • ASP-style Web parts
  • Blogs
  • Wikis

3. What do you mean by MOSS?

MOSS is defined as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and it is has a complete version of a portal-based platform for collaboratively managing, creating and sharing documents and Web services.

4. What are the classes in Server Object Model from a development point of view?

  • SPSite
  • SPWeb
  • SPList
  • SPListItem
  • SPFarm
  • SPWebApplication
  • SPDocumentLibrary

5. Explain CAML?

Collaborative Application Markup Language is also called as CAML. It is a custom XML language in SharePoint and it is also used to define key objects such as columns, list and content type.

6. List the various input forms that can be created for workflow?

  • Initiation form
  • Modification form
  • Association form
  • Task edit form.

7. Name the various zones in SharePoint?

  • Default
  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Custom
  • Internet

8. Define Web Application in SharePoint?

Web Application is defined as the  collection of sites in SharePoint. Normally Web Application corresponds to IIS that is when a Web Application is created, it creates an application pool and a Website in IIS.

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9. Define Central administration?

The central administration is the site used by admin to control, manage and configure settings for SharePoint Web Application or to the whole farm.

10. Define Farm?

It is a collection of SharePoint server with the same configuration database. Configurations carries required information to run the farm. For each farm there exists only one configuration database.

11. List the tools used to back up a SharePoint 2010 environment?

  • SQL Server
  • SharePoint farm backup and recovery

12. What are Zones?

Zones are defined as the different logical paths, gaining access to the same SharePoint web application.

13. What is a DWP?

DWP is defined as a web part file extension.

14. How would you get a reference to a site?

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15.Define Site pages?

The site pages are the pages that make up the site interface and are specific to one site or site collection. They are stored in the content database of the site collection.

sharepoint interview questions

16. Define GAC?

GAC stands for the Global Assembly Cache folder that stores the strongly typed, signed assemblies for the other Sharepoint components or web parts (which require full trust) for services to share them.

17. List the different kinds of events in SharePoint?

  • Synchronous Events: Ex: Item adds, Uploading etc.
  • Asynchronous Events: Ex: Item Added, Uploaded

18. What is MySites?

For each user a specialized SharePoint site, personalized and targeted called as MySites.

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19. What are Content Pages?

Content Pages are the pages that contain web part or other custom components. Content pages are stored in the content database of the site collection.

20. What is Custom Action in SharePoint?

Custom action is defined as the control or a link, toolbar button, menu item, that can add be added to a toolbar or menu that appears in the UI.

21. How to connect a SharePoint list? How to insert a new list item?

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22. Define Vision Services?

Visa Services allows the user to view and share Microsoft Visio Web drawings. It also enables data-connected Microsoft Visio 2010 Web drawings to be refreshed and updated from various data sources.

23. Define Content Deployment?

Content Deployment helps us  to copy the content from a source site collection to a destination site collection.

24. List the monitoring features that are baked into SharePoint 2010?

  • Event Log Data
  • Timer Service Data
  • Metrics For Site Collections and Sites
  • Performance Counter Fata
  • Search Usage Data

25. Which tool is used for incremental backups in SharePoint?

System Center Data Protection Manager tool is used for incremental backups in SharePoint.


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