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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has an expansive 6.3-inch ‘Infinity Display,’ faster 6GB of RAM performance and two best-in-class rear cameras, which add up to one of the most expensive phones ever. There’s no doubting that the Note 8 ($929) is a great smartphone — it packs all the usual flagship amenities, not to mention a dual camera that works very, well. Samsung, frankly, got so much right with its other huge phone, the Galaxy S8 Plus, that the Note 8 doesn’t feel as triumphant an improvement as the Note 7 did in comparison with the S7 line. 


On the exterior, the Galaxy Note 8 delivers a very familiar design that we’ve gotten used to from Samsung over the last couple of years. Glass is the main material of choice filling up the entire front and back and a sturdy metal frame wrapping around the perimeter holds it all together.

On the black version it blends in seamlessly but on any other color you’ll get a visor-like appearance which looks pretty cool to my eyes but it’s a design choice that not everyone is going to like.


The AMOLED display manages clean whites, rich colours and only a hint of motion blur when scrolling through text. There’s a slight blue tinge if you view the phone off-centre, and the two sloping edges lose some brightness and clarity, which is a bit disappointing.
With the screen turned up to its full WQHD+ resolution, text is super sharp and crisp, as are high-resolution photos.

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With a resolution of 2,960 x 1,440, or 3K QHD+, it’s incredibly sharp but in order to enjoy the display to its fullest potential, you’ll have to change the display resolution in the settings as the phone defaults to 1080p.


There’s a Snapdragon 835 running the show however this year Samsung has knock up the RAM to 6 GB. It’s not the first occasion when we’ve seen Samsung put 6 GB of RAM on a phone yet it’s the first occasion when that it isn’t on a local restrictive. The expansion in RAM is unquestionably a much needed development particularly for a gadget that is intended to be a profitability/sight and sound powerhouse and it surely enables the multitasking to encounter feel much smoother.

The typical each day experience, such as, swiping and looking through menus, web browsing and jumping all through applications are additionally very smooth and the Snapdragon 835 does a great job of handling more intense tasks such as playing high end games with very smooth frame rates.

Software and Hardware

The ultimate efficiency gadget brings the now-familiar S Pen menu that pops up whenever you detach the pen (or when you click the button while hovering over the screen). With it comes a refinement in the features of Samsung’s stylus.

There’s not a considerable measure new with the S Pen this year, with Samsung rather tuning in to client criticism and essentially change a couple of highlights. The helpful translate highlight just got significantly more valuable with the capacity to now interpret full sentences, though you could just translate individual words before.


The Galaxy Note 8 likewise accompanies the Pen Up shading in application preloaded, which offers access to a community of millions of Galaxy Note users around the world and tons of helpful presets for you to color in and create with.

The actual hardware of the S Pen itself remains practically identical to last year. It features the same clickable top, a 0.7 mm ballpoint-sized tip, and over 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Other hardware on the Note 8 incorporates basically everything that you would need with the exception of the kitchen sink. There’s a microSD card space for extra storage should you need more than what the phone offers inside (a 128 GB and 256 GB form were declared, yet at dispatch we can just get the 64 GB base model).

Quick remote charging abilities, Bluetooth 5 and gigabit LTE bolster are all on board, and an IP68 certification implies it is clean and water safe and can withstand submersion in up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.


The Galaxy Note 8 camera uses a wide point and zooming focal point setup like the iPhone 7 Plus or the OnePlus 5 and the auxiliary zooming focal point enables the Note 8 to accomplish 2X optical zoom.Both sensors are 12 MP with f/1.7 gap on the primary sensor and f/2.4 on the optional, however Samsung’s super quick double pixel self-adjust is just accessible on the principle camera.

The two sensors include optical picture adjustment, which is a first for any cell phone using double cameras and ensures that the majority of your photos and videos are optically stabilized regardless of which lens you decide to use. 8 MP front-facing shooter that offers Samsung’s smart autofocus for sharper and clearer selfies, but Samsung’s softening at times can be aggressive causing too much detail in the face to be lost.

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Overall Review


  • Premium glass and metal build
  • Gorgeous and large display
  • improved S Pen features
  • Excellent camera quality
  • microSD expansion
  • IP68 certified
  • Fluid performance


  • Most expensive Galaxy Note to date
  • Phone is very long
  • Fingerprint sensor still awkwardly located