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How to Plan Your Next Business Tour


Plan your next business tour

Every person engaged in some kind of import or export business, has to travel places in order to explore the possibility of a new market. But for a productive and cost-effective business trip that that lets you concentrate on the business aspect of the trip rather than become a stressful venture, you need to plan well.

Set the Goal Straight

You will be going on this trip for business purpose not for sightseeing. The later can very well be done on your next trip here for vacations. Especially, if your deal is fixed or you succeed in creating a promising market for your product there on this trip, you will get plenty of such leisure escapades there. Therefore, set your goals on what your immediate need for this tour is; is it to secure some contracts or evaluate the market there for existing competitors.

Plan the Tour Early

If you don’t want to look stressed or drawn on your meeting with your prospective client, plan well in advance. You may need to plan the tour at least about 3-4 weeks prior to the actual date of your traveling. This will ensure that you do not miss out on anything important at the last moment. If you are traveling somewhere far, whether it be by plane, car or train, plan in such a way that you have enough time to settle in, unpack and relax before you have to attend a meeting.

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Gather All Important Details and Documents

For a smooth business tour, make sure you have all the necessary details like date, location, time etc. related to your trip. Check all the important documents that you need to carry with you, like passport and driver’s license and ensure that they are all valid in place. You would also need to make two copies of each of your documents, travel itinerary etc. and keep them safely in separate bags which you would be carrying, in case you lose your luggage or it gets stolen.

Make Back-ups of Important Materials

Even if you have printed out everything that you need for your meeting, upload all the material on a flash drive as well in addition to having them saved on your laptop. This will enable you to be prepared in case you need to reprint or mail something and prevent any unforeseen mishap.

Arrange and Book Beforehand

Make all the reservations in advance; like booking your hotel room, renting a vehicle for your trip etc. arrange for a map of the location you are traveling to in case you are not familiar with it. Also, confirm about the meetings, learn about the local culture, currency and exchange rates, if you are traveling to a foreign country.

Prepare a Travel Itinerary

Make a list of all the tasks you need to do there including meeting your prospective client, agent or distributor, exploring the market, learning about the legal issues and marketing and promoting strategies suitable for the local audiences etc. Apart from this, your itinerary must also consist of all your travel details like flight number and schedule, contact information etc. Make sure to have a copy made of this list and be kept one with your assistant.

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Pack for the Tour

Make a checklist of all your requirements including, toiletries, conference attire, formal dinner suit, security requirements, documents to be carried, laptop accessories etc. and pack them safely in two separate suitcases.

Confirm All the Travel Information

Before leaving for your business tour, confirm online or through call about all the reservations and arrangements to be on schedule, like travel and departure time of your flight or train etc.