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PHP Application Development Basics


PHP Application Development Basics
Developers across the world are making use of PHP for developing web applications which are being used by people for various purposes. These apps play an important role in everyone’s life. They make work easier and save a lot of time. People have come to make the optimum use of these apps in the recent times. Today we have thousands of developers and millions of app. These apps are being downloaded in the remotest corner of the world. People are relying on these apps for daily dose of information.

We bring to you a tried and tested method of developing great apps in PHP. This tutorial will help you in understanding the PHP Application Development Basics:

The Idea
In web development everything starts with an Idea. One big Idea is all you need. You can develop it on your own or you can borrow it from a friend. Once you have that idea, start working on it. Refine it, test it and make a lot better. You can focus the idea and the impact it will have on people across the world. Make it more feasible and make it more acceptable. Make it necessary and make it addictive.

Draw the Sketch
Now that you have the idea and the detailed concept of it go and draw the rough idea about ‘how your app will look’. These will open doors for creativity and new ideas will come to your mind. Use all the ideas and try to combine them for better results. Trust your instincts and aim for the big, you will see yourself making waves in the air. The idea is yours, you need to preserve and you need to make it happen from the scratch, drawing a sketch will only propel you in the same direction, make sure you don’t get mis-guided.

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User-Interface Planning
You will need to plan out the user interface of your web application. Try to make it exquisite and simple at the same time. Design a UI that serves to the audience and keep the navigation easier and less confusing. A web application is loved because of its UI. Sites with better UIs are known to have more loyal customers in comparison to those who have lower quality UIs.

Highlight all the features of your application on the homepage. Make sure your every feature has equal space on the homepage. You are the one who knows the USP of the app hence so design it in such a way that the customers also get to know the USP of the application.

The homepage of your application is like the advertisement of your product. You need to make it crisp, to the point and enamoring. The homepage is going to be the first thing any visitor or user will notice. One good impression and he will come back again and again and one bad impression and he will tell everyone to never use the application. Design a homepage that is beautiful, attractive, less complicated and easier for understanding.