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Magento Theme Development Tutorial part 1


Magento Theme Development Tutorial part 1

 As we all already know that Magento is the most powerful e-commerce development platform on the face of this world. People from different corners of the world are making optimum use of this platform for developing amazing e-commerce sites. Magento has leveraged the world with the best of opportunity to develop sites that caters to thousands of clients and customers simultaneously.

Magento Theme Basics

Things in Magento is very easy, you can develop a theme in Magento with great ease and grace, all you need to do is develop a design, acquire some images related to it and you are ready to develop your personal magento theme.

A collection of PHTML, JS and CSS is a theme and you can do with great ease and grace. Few things you will need to work on before developing the theme can be listed as: –

  • Measurements of the boundaries: – You will need to get the correct measurement to make sure that your whole theme looks good.
  • Code: – you will need to work on the code and you will have to get it right before you feed it into the framework of magento.

Magento is an amazing framework with all the pre-defined functions for the development of themes and other nuances of an e-commerce site. You need to work hard with it but you will have to make sure that you are working in the right direction.

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Installing a New Magento Theme

 The two ways for installing a magento theme can be listed as: –

  • The old and decrepitude concept of copying the whole theme—includes measurements and the codes—from one place into the folder responsible for the development of theme.
  • You can also develop/install a theme with the help of Magento connect.

Traditional Method: –

Like you have always been doing, copying the code, pasting it in the framework and uploading it. You can always develop the code and use this method for installing the theme on your blog or no your site.

Installing theme via Magento Connect: –

It is way easier than you can imagine. All you need is a magento dashboard. Log into it use your password and id and go to the dashboard. Download all the necessary for starting with the installation process.

Layout: –

It is important to keep a tab on the layout of theme; you can always seek the help from the manual of magento for the help. You will need to get the measurements right, you can also try different measurements and decide which one you want. Trying different layouts before settling with one will provide you an insight about your personal requirements.

Blocks: – You will have to decide the number of blocks you want to have in your theme and you will need to decide their places and positions.

Interface: – At the end of the day, it is the most important part of any theme, you will need a designer, who can develop a theme for you and help you in placing it on the site. Ask your friends for the requisite help.