Magento – From Beginner to Advanced

Magento – From Beginner to Advanced


Magento – From Beginner to Advanced

 In this article we will concentrate on Magento and how to become an expert in Magento. The world is dependent on such platform for the development of dynamic sites and for the development of cart for e-commerce sites. In contemporary world it seems impossible to develop a site or a cart without Magento.

What is Magento?

Magento can be referred to as the Google of E-commerce sites. It provides with all the requisite resources for developing e-commerce sites. The magento platform provides with various modules. People across the globe are busy using magento platform for developing the site for their enterprise and they are more than satisfied.

Apart of a platform, magento is also an open source technology that provides with the services for various kinds of online marketing and promotion. You can also various kind of plug-ins related to SEO and SMO.


 Before you download magento make sure your system is compatible with the latest version of magento.

  • A minimum requirement of PHP 5.4 is required.
  • Apache is one of the most basic requirements. Apache 2.2 is the least you will need to have.
  • DBMS platform based My SQL’s version 4.1.20 or higher.
  • And then the most important, administration rights to publish the software on the system.

Setting Up the Administrator Dashboard

 Follow the login setup and log in to the site. Now you are all ready to use your Administrator Dashboard but it’s not that easy. Follow the listed steps to become a master of Magento.

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Step 1: – You will be required put in your log-in and the password, remember your login and password are going to be the same you used during the installation of this software on your system.

Step 2: – You may be required to put in the IP address. The system will prompt you if it fails in acquiring the IP address on its own. You will have to feed it manually. Check the IP in your control panel before you decide to fit in any random IP address.

Step 3: – Setting up client panel. You will need to work hard to do this but it is important for you to do so because a customer is the one who will use the system/site more than you.

Step4: – Creating login id and password for the customers, you will have to generate it for the first time and then from the next time you can use the auto password generator software.


Now that the brightest and fastest tool of e-commerce is installed, you will be required to work harder than ever and you will be required to make the most of it and make your business roar. As mentioned earlier Magento is the best thing that has ever happened to e-commerce sites. It makes working of e-commerce sites easier and graceful. You can depend on the software for the marketing and for the advertising as well.  You will be required to update the software ones in a while. Keep looking for the updates of the software.

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