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How to Use Facebook for Business



– is now the trending word in younger generation as well as business circle.

Most of us tried facebook for our business for a short period and soon we stop it without any positive leads. Here, I list the ways you can do Facebook as your marketing tool to generate leads and achieve your goals. Cheers!

1. Facebook Page

Try to create a Facebook Page for your business instead of creating a Facebook profile. It sounds better to show your company as corporate whether it is small/medium scale.  With the Facebook page, you can organize your customers and people who want to interact for your products/services. It gives you to get touch with every customers and future one too!

2. Polls

Running a Facebook poll is also as easy as posting a status update. When typing in the text box, you can click the “Ask Question” button and create a poll with one, two, or many possible replies you need. This marketing method can be particularly useful if you are gauging audience’s interest in a new product, doing market research, or collecting feedback.


3. PPC Ads

Ads on the side of the screen are Facebook’s original marketing offering, and provide businesses the opportunity to pay only when a user clicks on their ad and arrives at their page. This is a cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience and direct users to your company’s site (or) page. The ad platform comes complete with back-end analytics software that lets you see the number and type of users who click through it to your page.

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4. Contests

Another option for audience engagement and Facebook marketing is running a contest.  To launch this promotion, post a status update alerting fans about the competition, and change your cover photo to reflect the contest and its rules. Post a clear-cut guide for how to win: whether if by ‘liking’ a photo or by posting the opinion about the company’s best product within a certain period of time. After the contest, notify the winners and ask them to post a status update about your company. Contests are a great way to generate excitement about your brand. A robust Facebook presence is essential for small business success in today’s connected world.

5. Promotion Posts

This is one of the Facebook’s most recent marketing options, and works well for companies, whose fan pages are sharing important news or products. Promoted posts allow you to pay to have your post seen on more of your fan’s news feeds. This exposes your post to fans’ friends too. If you ask and important question or are rolling out a new offering, this marketing tool can increase views and engagement. Facebook’s back-end allows users to measure the return on your investments by counting likes, comments, and views.