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Developers and bloggers from across the world must have heard the word version control. The concept of version control is bit difficult to grasp but it is very important from the development point of view. You can leave it or keep it aside if you are planning to develop a dynamic website that caters to all your needs. Read this article thoroughly to under what is version control and it types.

In layman’s word version control can be defined as the repository or the database of all the codes and of all the changes that has been made into the code throughout the lifetime of the code. From a developer’s point of view, it is very important to keep an eye on all the changes that have been made because all changes are not beneficial, some of them are going to affect the functionality of the site and at the end of the day you will have to remove them.


 Commonly known and referred to as Subversion is one of the most popular version control software on the face of the earth. Different developers across the world make use of this subversion because of the simple and the exquisite design it has. The working of this subversion is as simple as its design. It makes use of server at the central level for keeping a record of your repository.

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The central server is further divided into three key areas for ensuring proper functioning of the repository. The three key areas can be listed as: –

  • Trunk
  • Branches
  • Tags


On the other hand GIT is different from SVN and has a different approach. Unlike SVN it has a decentralized approach towards all the changes that are being made to the code.

Some of the most basic differences between SVN and GIT can be listed as: –

 GIT is way faster than SVN and processes all the changes made at great speed.

  • The repositories of GIT are smaller than SVN and can store less number of data related to the changes made to the code.
  • The Branches of GIT are very simple and are very compatible and are very less restrictive when compared to the codes of SVN.
  • The user interface of Subversion—SVN—is way more attractive and appealing than GIT.
  • The branches of SVN are known to forget their history while the branches of GIT carry the history for lifelong.
  • GIT keeps cloning their repository while SVN never does the same.
  • GIT as version control software was designed to give every developer with the power and space on the other hand subversion is a centralized system and the power is stored at the center of the system.
  • Backing up the data stored in Subversions are way simpler than the backing up of data stored in GIT because GIT is a decentralized system while SVN is centralized and all the data are concentrated at one level.
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This is all we known about the differences between GIT and SVN and according to all these GIT seems to wins the battle.