Freelancer VS Entrepreneur

Freelancer VS Entrepreneur


Freelancer VS Entrepreneur

 The world has breached new regulations and people are more than excited to break these rules and make their own paths. Freelancing is the new trend but the number of people believing in entrepreneurship is way more. People are keen to become their own bosses but least they know that entrepreneurship is not only about starting a business but it is about nourishing a business. Entrepreneurship takes more courage and passion than a regular jobs and that is why we have more employees and less employers.

Freelancer A person who works on Ad-hoc basis and is not employed under any company are referred as Freelancer. Some of the benefits of being a freelancer can be listed as: –

  • You are your own boss.
  • You are not bound to four inch glass walled cabins. You can roam around the world and get your work done from any corner of the world with the help of internet.
  • You have the liberty of choosing the job. You can also discard the job if you don’t like the client or the project.
  • You can present your true value and earn the money you deserve.
  • You need to not succumb under the pressure from bosses and other higher authorities; you can break rules and breach them anytime you want.
  • No formals, you can be on your languor and earn good actually better than a regular employee does.

Freelancing is not only about gains it has some losses as well, some of the most common loss can be illustrated as: –

  • When you freelance, you meet people who can be cheating and it may happen that you complete the work but you may not get paid.
  •  Freelancers generally don’t get their money on the time.
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Entrepreneurship on the hand is lifestyle. When you decide to be a lifelong entrepreneur, you take a different road, you take a road that is full of obstacles but the destination is really very beautiful and soothing.

Things you will experience when you start living as an entrepreneur: –

  • You will have to live like a Vagabond.
  • You are going to be the CEO, Delivery boy and every other staff in the office. There will be time when you will have to go and deliver the package on your own and there will be time when you will be felicitated as the best CEO ever.
  • You will forget to eat your breakfast and dinner and there will be times you will be hosting lavish dinners for your clients and distributors.
  • You will get to live your dream and you will have to leave your living to make your dream a reality.
  • You will have to lead a life of a passionate person. You are not going to be loose. You will have to keep your head high and you will have to be the visionary in the packet.

Well the battle between Freelancer and Entrepreneur is never going to end. There will be discussions and there will be debates but only the one who goes through everything will know what is better.

If you are planning to be an Entrepreneur then start today and start by being a Freelancer.

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