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How to earn through Open source Software


Earning has been the main concern of the world; people across the world are taking in different professions for earning more and more. People do regular jobs from 9 am to 5 pm and then they freelance to earn that extra dollar but all these things are not going to help them in achieving that specific impediment in their career and in their lives.

The world is under the cease of IT.  People across the world are plunging into the world of IT for earning a living for themselves. In this article we will tell you about the steps you can incorporate to achieve that earning.

How to earn through OpenSource Software?

Open Source software is free to download and people can download and outsource it for money as well. MY SQL from the house of Oracle happens to be one of the most widely outsourced open source software.

Four ways to make more money through open source software

Sell Support Contracts: – There is hundreds of open source software that are available for free but when it comes to implementation they can be pain. Some of these software packages are very difficult to understand and to implement. Software like zimbare is inscrutable and it is almost like impossible for some people to understand them. You can contact the customers of such open source software and sell them your expertise service in form of support. Provide them the requisite support and make good money out of these inscrutable software packages available for free on the internet.

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Sell Value Added Enhancements: – You can always sell support but then there is software that needs additional support for functioning well. You can also develop your own value added enhancements that can make the working of software easier and efficient. People across the world are regularly in search of software that can make their main software work with great ease.

  • Sell Documentation: – Free software from internet do not come with documentation commonly referred as SRS, you can go through the software intricately and develop the documents for the software. You can develop the manual guide providing step to step understanding of the software and you can also provide them with the legal documents of the software.

Sell your expertise as a consultant: – Hundreds of new companies are plunging into the competition every day. Least they know anything about software and hence they are going to be fooled by the cons in the field. You can turn out to be a help for them. Sell your services as an expert consultant to them and make good money out of it. You can also help them in acquiring some of the best software and provide them with the backhand support and make it easier for them to reach the impediment they have been looking for. There is a desperate need of consultants in the field and your knowledge and the understanding of the field can be a good thing about your career.