Android vs iOS a Technical Report

Android vs iOS a Technical Report


Android VS IOS—a Technical Report

Well! Let’s admit that we all have reading and thinking a lot about the battle between Android and IOS. We all have used IOS and Android but only few of us have reached to a consensus about which is best. The world is growing more and denser, people are buying mobile phones like never before and in recent past the love for smart phones has increased by leaps and bounds.

Android has reached to every innocuous hand while IOS is busy adding stars to the personality of those who can afford it. Android seems to win the war because it is reaching out to everyone and providing an awesome mobile experience. The new android is leveraging people with various computing options.

Let’s take this debate to a different level and discuss the technicalities of the Android and IOS.

Design: – Android has reached to the hands of the commonest of the common people but IOS has a design that is very intricate. It has options that allow people to use it for making their experience a lot more impressive. IOS has a user interface that is very user friendly and allows its users to be at ease.

IOS do not allow the users to set their favorite wallpapers but their default user interface is equally exquisite to be ignored. IOS allows its user to keep their phone from heating. On the other hand Android has some lethal disappoints, people have always complained about the heating and the phone keeps hanging.


Performance: – Android again loses to IOS when it comes to Performance. IOS is performance oriented and hence IOS users play less game, it has the entire ram by its side to give an awesome performance, while the android will heat up and the performance will fall down. It is going to be an important thing to maintain performance but android fails in doing such because people will download loads of free app and games and ultimately the performance will decrease.

IOS is very much performance oriented and people across the world prefer IOS because of the performance it leverages people with. The IOS is good for the people involved in business making, music making and in other business related activities.

Messaging:  – IOS has imessage that allows you to chat with all your friends with an i-phone but the various messaging apps on Android like hangout and gtalk allows people to talk to all their friends with an account on Gmail.

If we concentrate on the hardware then a phone with IOS installed on it is bound to last longer than an android installed phone. The world is looking forward to a phone with hundreds of performance oriented options but android—which is more affordable—fails to leverage people with the performance they have been looking for.

The battle is going to live till the time we have both the operating systems releasing their new and better OS but the current scenario is different. IOS seems to win the battle clearly.

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