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Is Google Duo is Better than FaceTime

Google Duo seems like other video calling applications however it is not really. It has some amazing features that make it better from others. Video call on this app is like, you didn’t install any video-calling app rather your phone has it pre-installed. This app runs smoothly and it doesn’t lag when you open it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has an expansive 6.3-inch ‘Infinity Display,’ faster 6GB of RAM performance and two best-in-class rear cameras, which add up to one of the most expensive phones ever. There’s no doubting that the Note 8 ($929) is a great smartphone — it packs all the usual flagship amenities, not to mention a dual camera that works very, well. Samsung, frankly, got so much right with its other huge phone, the Galaxy S8 Plus, that the Note 8…

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