Worst video games of 2017

Worst video games of 2017


With an abundance of great games came an equal amount of disappointment and crappy ones. This is not a “worst games” list for a reason, in other words. There are worse games out there-I just didn’t have high hopes for most of those. Here are top worst video games of 2017.


Fans were eager to hear about the Nintendo Switch’s abilities amid the underlying presentation that was meant to reveal the details of the system for the first time. Many people were disillusioned by the more gimmicky parts of the system, such as the HD Rumble and the IR Camera.

One of the launch titles for the Nintendo Switch was a game that existed to show off these gimmicks. Overall, 1-2-Switch is a glorified tech demo that you will play for a few hours at most with your friends in order to show off what the Switch can do.If 1-2-Switch had been a free pack-in game with the system, at that point there wouldn’t be an issue, however Nintendo discharged it at a full cost.

Sonic Forces

The most embarrassing thing about Sonic Forces is the manner by which poor it looks contrasted with another title that was released in the same year. Sonic Mania was a love letter to the fans of the 16-bit Sonic titles, with a game that was jammed full of content. Sonic Forces, by comparison, represents everything about the Sonic franchise that turned many fans away.

Sonic Forces is a visually impressive game, yet these are meaningless even with poor controls that will see you plummeting into many of the bottomless pits that dot each stage. The emphasis on speed actually holds the game back due to the poor level design actively slowing down your progress until you become intimately familiar with the placement of every object within it. The utilization of various characters (one of which you make yourself) does little to expand the assortment in this dull reason for a platform game.

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

It seemed as if Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 were going to be the last of the “third versions” that existed inside each age of Pokémon games. We never saw a release for expected third versions of the early Pokémon games on the 3DS, such as Pokémon Z, Pokémon Delta Emerald, or Pokémon Stars.

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Fans were initially excited to learn about the release of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. This enthusiasm waned as Nintendo were conspicuously silent about the new content in the game.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are minimal more than cash grabs by Nintendo. The greatest issue with the game is how little new content it has compared to Sun & Moon . This wouldn’t regularly be an issue, with the exception of that Nintendo was advancing the game as something broadly unique in relation to the past Alola titles. Rather, we just got a repeat of Sun and Moon.

Ghost Warrior 3

Like most video games, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 follows after a similar shading by numbers template that has turned into the format for open-world shooter games. When you get done with playing, you understand that there was literally nothing unique about your experience.

To make matters worse, most of the equipment and tools gathered throughout the game are meaningless and worthless. The amusement is infamous for solidifying and knocking you off while likewise taking up to six minutes on occasion to stack a guide. CI games has reacted to the technical issues and claims to tidy them up, however despite everything it won’t enhance the flat and once in a while dismal musings one feels while playing. What you experience in the initial 10 minutes of playing will be the feature of your gaming knowledge with Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3.

Animal Crossing : Pocket Camp

when Nintendo declared their plans to start developing games for mobile phones, the fans weren’t worried, as Nintendo’s notoriety implied that they were relied upon to produce amazing games that didn’t depend on the sleazy gambling practices of other companies, such as Square Enix.

Pocket Camp is unquestionably a brilliant game, yet it is involved with the kinds of dodgy business practices that would make Tom Nook proud. Pocket Camp is a free-to-play game that is designed to test the player’s patience, in order to finally make them relent and pay real money for digital items.

These include things that pull in the more famous Animal Crossing characters. In the end, all you are getting for your money is a watered-down Animal Crossing experience that is relying on the convenience of being on a smartphone in order to hide its lack of content.

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Reborn VR

Renewed VR is simply one more one to add to a long list of subpar to horribly boring VR games. What aggravates this amusement even, is its basically a cut down adaptation of the non-VR diversion Dying: Reborn. Meaning all the flaws of the console game are still there, along with other problems associated with the VR experience.

The puzzles were approach to simple to explain and didn’t give an ounce of stimulation, or scare regarding a horror game. Just a few levels from the first are available and the general feel of the diversion is that of a low quality demo. To put it plainly, Dying: Reborn VR is just a money snatch, so don’t squander your cash.

Agents Of Mayhem

Aiming to be the next major franchise from Volition, Agents of Mayhem is set in one of the numerous timeline breaks from the end of Saints Row 4, yet it holds under zero of that series appeal and excellent writing. Rather, we get generic gruff action heroes, cringeworthy comedy and basic, loot-grind gameplay letting you rank up rote skills like “+2% damage” or “Increased XP”.

It’s dreary, genuinely dark stuff, relatively working in a serviceable way as game play is playable and to some degree fulfilling, but there’s no propulsion to anything. Truly the playable version of mastication, Agents of Mayhem had everything to prove, a whole clear canvas and the eyes of the world on its initial steps – just to everything to feel off-putting on an fundamental level.

WWE 2K18

It’s simply the Nintendo Switch version of the game that made the list. One of the greatest issues with the Wii U was the absence of outsider help. Nintendo has endeavored to rectify this problem with the Nintendo Switch, which has resulted in a lot of big sports franchises returning to the system, one of which includes the official WWE games.

We can dare to dream that WWE 2K18 on the Switch doesn’t speak to the eventual fate of the system, as the game is essentially unplayable. The framerate drops to a creep when more than two wrestlers show up on screen, which seriously constrains the sorts of modes you would expect in a WWE diversion. It’s a disrespect that Nintendo would permit such a game to be released on one of their systems.

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Speaking of things just not meeting up, the arrival of Ghost Recon should’ve been a glorious thing – particularly since Ubisoft were rolling together their Far Cry open-world tech with The Division combat. In reality, not a single part of controlling Wild Lands felt worthwhile, or even that it had been play-tested. Vehicles – without all material science – would shake and skip off even the most minor outcrop of land, all as your characters sat there, stock as yet, having not been modified for such things.

Combat, mission design and general movement provided fulfillment as you’re in a general sense shooting posse individuals in the head and parachuting about the place with a huge number of overhauls opening close behind, however regardless, it never feels all that purposeful. Rather, Wildlands is gaming’s variant of a bag of pork scratchings: Basic, comforting but ultimately shameful unless you’re drunk.

You’ll see and feel the seams tearing separated the second you begin to move any component, and in spite of the fact that it can be a chuckle with a couple of companions, at last this is an extremely poor effort from one of the industry’s veteran developers.


Considering the reality this was going up by Cliff Bleszinski – who once brought us Gears of War – Lawbreakers is a monumentally devastating, shockingly non specific discharge that should’ve been exceptional in each regard. As of now having a player check of close to 30 over a 24 hour time span, Lawbreakers is perhaps the greatest flop of the year.

As a general rule its base gameplay is responsive and test enough (the amusement disposes of gravity in parts of the guide so you can “fly” towards players), yet in reality as we know it where Overwatch rules anything even remotely character-centered in the FPS space, it didn’t stand a possibility.

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