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What’s New on PHP 5.6.0


What’s New on PHP 5.6.0

If you are a programmer then absence of PHP from the face of the world will send shivers down your spine. The contemporary world roams around online applications and dynamic sites. PHP leverages the various developers and developing enterprises with the power to create amazing

and dynamic websites with great ease and grace. The power and the lightning fast programming technique of PHP make it the favorite of people across the globe. The world is more than happy to have such a programming language by their side.The administration of PHP has rolled out some new updates in the previous months, in this article we are going to focus on the latest rolling updates. We are going to discuss them in detail and we will also talk about efficiencies and the problem solving capability.

Internal Operator Overloading

 People with a sound knowledge of PHP will smile on hearing about the internal operator overloading. The new update of internal operator overloading allows the developers to make proper and optimum use of operators. They can make use of one operator for more than one time for different uses and this makes program smaller and efficient. An efficient is all a website owner is looking for and with PHP he gets exactly what he wants.

Now you can Upload Data worth 2 GB

 Size of the uploaded data has always been a problem with sites written in PHP programming language. People have been using PHP for years but the limited capability of file that can be uploaded has always restricted their amazing experience but with the latest updates rolling, we now have the authority to upload data worth 2 GB of size on the sites written in PHP programming language. This new update is going to leverage people with option to make their sites more fashionable, brighter and exquisite. Now people can upload loads of colorful pic and make their sites look beautiful.

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Post data memory decreased

If you look on the latest updates with a keen eye then you will realize that PHP is trying to make faster and light. They have tried to reduce the amount of space it eats up and has also tried to provide enough space to upload more and more data on the site. This update works on the uploaded code and decreases their size and makes it effective. The decreasing of size of the code is not going to affect the working of code. It will only make the code faster.

Improved Syntax

PHP has also rolled out updates that make the syntax less complicated and more easily understandable. The codes that were inscrutable are now making more meaning. They bring to you an enlightened experience; if you are an expert then you can look at them and tell their usages.

PHP is the most favorite programming language of programmers from different corners of the world. They are dependent on this language for developing sites that can cater to millions of user at the same time.