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Don’t you wish to add new features for your phone? This can be made possible only by means of updating your phone to the latest version. Updating your phone will also increase the performance and functionality of your phone. Today, most of the person use android smartphones. The latest android version that has been launched is Lollipop. Steps for updating the android OS to the latest version includes,

  1. Backup your important data

Even though updating your phone to the latest android OS is easy there is a chance for an update failure due to which all data can be lost from your phone. So it’s important to back up all the essential data that are present in your phone.

  1. Go to your phone settings

On the home screen click the menu option and select settings

Update can be obtained only by means of device itself. There are some exceptions in case of Samsung devices that is updating process can be made by downloading Samsung Kies on your computer. If you have downloaded kies in your computer the update will be done automatically when your phone is connected to the computer.

  1. Select “About phone”

After entering the settings, scroll down and you will find an option called “About phone” or “About tablet” at the bottom of the screen. By selecting the option, you will come to know about the information about your phone.

  1. Select “Software update”
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Along with information of your phone, there will be an option called software update. Select the option and by selecting it, a new screen will appear.

  1. Select “Update”

The new screen will contain a number of options. From that option choose “Update” option.Now your device will check for any latest updates. If any updates are available for your device then information about the latest update will appear on the screen. It’s not necessary that your device should have an update for the latest versions. The availability of update depends upon the mobile service providers and the manufacturer of your device. If there is any update available for your device, there will be details about the update. Read it carefully and click download for updating your device. Before starting the download, make sure that the important data stored in your device is backed up properly because any interruption while downloading will crash your device and finally you will lose all the data present in your device.  It’s better to depend on WiFi connection for the update purpose rather than using the mobile data. While using WiFi, there is only a less chance of disconnection of internet when compared to that of mobile data.

  1. Install the downloaded software

This is the last step in updating an android OS. Once the downloading has been finished, the device may ask when to install the downloaded data. It may give some time suggestions also. Select the option update now. When selected, your device will automatically restart. The restarting process will take some long since the device requires processing the downloaded software.

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It’s important to charge your device while the installation process is going on because while   installing if the device gets switched off automatically due to low battery, then it may cause some other problem. So I recommend your device while installation is going on.