Best Tutorial Websites for Python 2017

Best Tutorial Websites for Python 2017


Here  I have compiled a list of 20 Best tutorial websites for python 2017, following websites are absolutely free and have myriad of useful and easy to understand tutorials and videos from which you can learn and understand python easily.  Let’s have a look at the 20 best websites for learning python programming. 

1. Code Academy

There are many interactive tutorials available for Python that let you compose code in the program and see the outcomes live. That is the thing that makes learning fun! Code Academy has the best interactive Python instructional exercises for novices. It covers Python syntax, strings and console output, conditional and control flow, functions, lists and dictionaries, loops, file input and output and also talks about advanced python options. You get to build small projects as you learn, step by step instructions make coding these projects easy, right there in the browser.



2. PythonChallenge

It isn’t the prettiest site in existence; actually, the design is downright ugly. However, the challenges and lessons you will participate in are invaluable to learning Python. There are 33 levels to master currently, with over 2,000,000 visitors to the site to date.

python challenge

3. Google’s Python Class eBook

Google’s Python Class eBook is most appropriate for middle to experienced coders. It is elegantly composed and unmistakably discloses different ideas identified with Python, yet it’s more about programming theory instead of the practical application of it. Therefore, you won’t discover any step-by-step tutorials or in-depth guides. This makes it a great travel companion for Python developers who want to stay in the loop while they are on the move.

google python class

4. is the official channel for the developers of Python, so you can discover a lot of references, materials, and resources on working with the language. As you’d expect, they have an incredible beginner’s tutorial that will walk you through the basics.Then, you’ll find out about more advanced topics like different Python libraries, distributing modules, and much more.

python org

5. Learn Python the Hard Way eBook

Learn Python the Hard Way is a free eBook that you can read in full. The online version can be accessed from any gadget including mobile, and is always free. If you want a paper or digital copy of the book – to read offline – you’ll need to pony up some cash ($30). Evidently, more than 1.5 million individuals have perused this eBook yearly. That is a impressive number, even more so if they all went on to work with Python in some form or another.

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python ebook

6. has designed a platform where you can do exactly that. Rather than spend your time combing over an endless stream of text, this site enables you to take an interest in interactive tutorial. You get the chance to work with the Python language ideal in your browser. You’ll begin with the infamous “Hello World,” tutorial and proceed onward to more advanced topics if you stick with the course. This portal is best for beginner to intermediate level coders.


7. Dive into Python 3

Dive into Python 3 is an online book that covers the difference between working with Python 3, as opposed to Python 2. Since it’s authorized under a Creative Commons license you can also download HTML and PDF versions of the book for free. This book is an incredible asset for all coders from beginner to experienced, and there’s material here for everyone.

dive python

8. Python for Beginners

Python for Beginners has been idle for some time it’s under new management. Recently, the site got a plan update and some new content in the form of a beginner’s Python tutorial. As for the regular content on the site, you’ll find a long list of Python coding guides and snippets that you can use in your own projects. Consequently, the site is perfect for Python designers of all aptitude levels, even those with impressive experienced under their belts.

python beginner

9. Pythonspot

Pythonspot is an great place to find a variety of Python-centric resources and tutorials. All content is separate into categories by skill level, tutorial type (like GUI and Network guides), and platform (Android, iOS, etc).


10. Django Video Series

Django is a helpful, development structure based on the Python language. A framework essentially makes a developer’s job easier by implementing a more modular form of a language. The Getting Started with Django video series is a great way to introduce yourself to the framework and get a much better understanding of Python in the process.

11. TryPython

It throws you into the thick of things and provides an online, interactive environment to begin coding with Python right away. TryPython is absolutely free to access.

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12. Byte Of Python

It is premium Python reference freely available online. We personally found it most productive for quick reference. It has large dominance among Python readers. Numerous Python programming beginners have similar opinion on the book. “It’s a Byte of Python, composed by Swaroop. Without a doubt it’s the best in the world for every newbie or even a more experienced user.” This book is an online assistant to Python programming language. It principally concentrates on Python programming beginners. Though, it is feasible for seasoned programmers as well.

byte of python

13. Python Tutor – Visualize

python tutor

Online Python Tutor is a free tool which uses visualization techniques. It is created by Philip Guo who works at the University of Rochester. This instrument helps envisioning each line of code as it is executed by the PC. This device not just covers Python, rather works for Java, JavaScript, Ruby and so on. It visualizes what the computer is doing step-by-step as it executes those programs.

14. Python Practice Book

php practice book

This book is the result of aggregation of training notes from Anand Chitipothu. He is a famous Python enthusiast and a role model for many. He works for Open Library which aims to register every book on web. The book came along while he used to annotate every key point during his Python classes. It will give them natural tips which the author himself practiced live.

15. Coursera Python Course


Coursera offers free online courses for those eager to learn. The greater part of the courses on Coursera, be that as it may, are associated with real colleges and universities. The Python Course is given by Rice University and is offered as a 7-course arrangement in two separate parts. It must followed over the course of several weeks (so you’ll need to have time set aside for this), and you have to register for the online classes like you would at a local college or university. The good news is that it’s free to register and attend the courses. If you want a certificate to show for your hard work you’ll need to pay extra.

16. Think Python Online Book


You can buy the paper version of Think Python via Amazon if you are so inclined. Otherwise, access to the online version is free. The book really expects to show beginners computer science fundamentals and programming basics. To better clarify these subjects, it does as such by relating the data to Python. Along these lines, you’ll learn both the development of programming and Python language in the meantime.

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17. Interactive Python

interactive python

Runestone Interactive offers a plenty of open-source, online course books, for beginner and intermediate level coding classes. Large portions of them concentrate on Python, particularly their Interactive Python series. All books are free to access and use, but you’ll want to register for an account (additionally free) so that you can save your spot – unless you plan to read the textbooks in one sitting, which is highly unlikely.

18. Python Fundamentals

python fundamentals


The Python Fundamentals course facilitated on Plural sight isn’t free, unfortunately. However, it happens to be one of the most thorough and informative guides on Python you’ll find. Not exclusively does it disclose how to utilize Python, and expand on what certain elements of the dialect are for, it additionally clarifies the natural order of the language. This helps you better understand why things are a certain way in Python compared to other languages.

19. TutorialsPoint

tutorial point

TutorialsPoint is another site like Code Academy that offers free tutorials with the option to test out code directly in a browser window. They offer one of the most comprehensive tutorials for novice coders that will take you through the basics and beginner stages of the language all the way to expert level tasks. You will learn how to set up a Python development environment, write basic syntax, work with variables, operators and loops, and much more.
What makes TutorialsPoint’s guide so thorough is that it likewise covers propelled Python subjects like database access, CGI, and game programming, the use of multi threading, XML processing, networking, GUI design, and more.

20.  Python Crash Course

pythyon course

Python Crash Course affords several assumptions, the first being that you’re already an experienced developer and understand object oriented programming. The course is involved a progression of archives and introduction slides, that are meant to serve as a teaching aid.

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