Best Tutorial Websites for Android 2017

Best Tutorial Websites for Android 2017


Here  I have compiled a list of 20 Best tutorial websites for Android 2017, following websites are absolutely free and have myriad of useful and easy to understand tutorials and videos from which you can learn and understand Android easily.  Let’s have a look at the 20 best websites for learning Android programming. 

1. Codedependent


A blog by Chet Haase, a software geek working at Google, making Android graphics and animation more excellent. He has been posting specialized articles since 2008 in this blog. He additionally co-composed the book Filthy Rich Clients with Romain Guy .

2. Android Developers Blog

android developer

It sits on top of the list since it’s the official Google Blogspot for Android Developers. Here you can discover news, tips and traps and development examples. It’s worth browsing through the blog’s archives on the sidebar as some of the posts are really meaty.

3. Envato Tuts+


Formerly Mobiletuts+, Envatotuts+ is another free resource that is based around composed tutorials. There are an enormous choice of courses on offer here which range from general overview, to more particular task like handling intents and acquiring device sensor data.

There’s even a short course on producing for Google Cardboard! There are additionally a decent number of general Java tutorials, with some being outfitted particularly towards Android development! This is especially useful if you are someone who finds themselves asking “How does this pertain to me and what I want to do?” as you master some of the foundation programming materials.

4.  CodePath Android Cliffnotes


​Here you’ll see an extensive list of Android guides, suitable for everyone whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert. The cliffnotes are classified by their topics, so you can easily find guides on related topics. By the way, you can also contribute to the resource.Make sure you read their guidelines before you do so.

5.  Android Niceties​

android niceties

If you are an Android fashioner, you’ll cherish this Tumblr blog. It includes an accumulation of screenshots enveloping probably the most excellent looking Android applications. The blog intends to give motivation and knowledge into Android UI conventions.​

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6. Android Arsenal

android arsenal

​Tagged with “Android designer portal with tools, libraries, and apps”, The Android Arsenal is classified registry of libraries, tools, and projects for Android devs. You can likewise get in touch with them to present your own project. Simply enter your email and gave them a message.

7. Codementor


A brilliant place for starting Android designers. There is no better approach to start your Android training. Look at these tenderfoot’s tutorial and build your own particular Android application. Codementor likewise gives Android master help to help you learn more effectively.​

8. Udemy


Udemy is another semi-free solution for learning Android development.There are various distinctive courses of changing lengths and content taught by different instructors. Many of the courses cover the basics with others offering more advanced and specialized subject matter.

A portion of the shorter courses are offered for free while others will run you up to $99. There is a great deal offered here and I would prescribe perusing the index completely before making your choice. You can also find courses on pretty much every other subject matter here too, whether you want to learn cooking or German!

9. Coursera



One more resource that is not entirely Android specific but is becoming a pioneer in free online education is Coursera. Coursera is unique in that its courses are taught by real college professors from real universities across the country. Founded by educators out of Stanford University, Coursera manages to offer real college classes online for free. Courses included on the site comprise of a similar material educated by same professors found at their respective universities.

Classes have starting and end dates, however can be begun whenever while the course is being advertised. Classes comprise of recorded interactive knowledge checks, tests, and even homework! Students also receive a certificate of completion at the end. There is plenty offered here in the way of computer programming and technology related learning, but if you happen to feel like brushing up on your art history it is there as well.

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10. Treehouse


Moving to something that is not entirely free, Treehouse is a whimsical combination of traditional e-learning and Sesame Street. This is not a exaggerated analysis as there really are talking puppets involved. Nevertheless, there is a wealth of information offered within this alternative learning experience.

Treehouse offers a completely intuitive experience for learning programming development and gets about as close as you can to having your hand held all through the entire procedure. Sections are loaded with videos and interactive code challenges with a lot of tests and additional reading material to reinforce your learning along the way.

11. Vogella


Goldmine for Android designers. Here you’ll discover extremely comprehensive tutorials about Android development and related topics. Vogella is a German organization situated in Hamburg. It gives counseling and development services in the field of Android.​

12. Codecademy


Codecademy has been around for a little time now. It is another site that, while not specifically geared towards Android itself, is a great place for the novice to acclimate themselves with computer code. Codecademy has numerous extraordinary hands-on tutorials of prevalent programming dialects, such as, Python, Java Script and HTML which can assist get you acquainted with a great deal of the terms and ideas utilized all through PC programming. While you won’t leave away with a working Android application here, regardless will get the hang of something that will prove to be useful.

13. Official Developer Android

android developer

Android Developer site is the official site from Google for android development. It gives tutorials to each and everything from the scratch. It even gives the documentation of every subject. every topic has guide which helps you to understand the topic well and helps you to create the android app from the beginning. This site is ideal for beginners of android application programming.

14. The New Boston


The New Boston is the collection of video tutorials and there are around 200 videos clarifying about everything about android from the scratch. Watching these free video tutorial will help you in building up the android application superbly from the earliest starting point. This is the ideal site for android mobile application programming for free.

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15. Core Servlets Android Tutorials


Core Servlets website gives you the different areas on Android tutorials.Each section has exercises and each exercise has examples and solutions to each of them. As said in the site, this is called as the self-managed android training class. To begin with these android tutorial, you need the base learning on java programming. To learn Java programming, it additionally gives you the java programming tutorials.

16. Java Code Geeks

java code

Java Code Geeks just gives Java programming tutorials. As Android application programming is done in Java, it also provides android app development tutorials for free. It helps you to lean programming an android app from the beginning and in an easy way. After going through all tutorials, you will be good at developing your own android app from the scratch.

17. Android Development For Absolute Beginners-mybringback


It’s an comprehensive series of video tutorials running from under 5 to 15 minutes long. Similarly to the previous two tutorials, this series covers everything from absolute beginner level to advanced topics. It’s not up to date but rather I couldn’t locate a decent video tutorial about a more recent Android version.

18. Android Central

android central

Best portal to keep yourself up with what’s happening with Android. The principle gatherings of people of this blog are general Android consumers. Android Central spreads news and development identified with the Android working framework. Presently they have additionally stretched out the topics to be Google related.​

19. AndroidForums

android forum

The Android Development Forum is a place where you figure out how to create Android Apps and Games in a friendly, tight-sew group of Android Developers. Here you can post code cases, request information, and offer your conclusions with fellow devs.​

20. Android Bootcamp Training

android bootcamp

A hands-on preparing for planning and building mobile applications using Android platform. The course clarifies the philosophy of developing for Android through its main application development building blocks and their interaction with one another.

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