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Trending Technology News 2017


If there is one trend that is expected to dominate cloud vendor priorities in the upcoming year it is machine learning and artificial intelligence. Expect the drumbeat of ML and AI news to proceed into 2017, with this innovation getting to be noticeably less demanding for everyday developers to use and integrate into applications. Below are trending technology news 2017.

1. Rise of voice search

voice search

2017 was a busy year for voice search, with Google Assistant showing up on the Google Pixel phone and on Google Home, Alexa appearing on the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, and obviously we can’t overlook Cortana on Windows 10.

With VPAs now on phone , in homes (and furthermore on MacBooks), expect that voice hunt will move into new areas of the home, into the working environment, and most likely additionally onto AR/VR headsets in 2017. Cortana on HoloLens could be the main illustration.

2. Hello Chatbots

hello chatbot

We’re on the cusp of AI in regular daily existence, with Facebook set to release so-called chatbots – better idea of as ‘conversational specialists’ – for Messenger. Other informing applications are participate, with Viber propelling a robotized keeping money stage, and unquestionably numerous more will take after.

“Chatbots won’t sit on singular sites, however on the focal informing stages, for example, Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik and WeChat,” says Gareth Stephens, head of suggestion advancement at GBG. “This would see a move in accentuation for client encounter delegates in numerous organizations as their clients interface with the organization by means of new strategies … removing them from the applications and sites, which agents have finish control over today, and into another universe of building chatbots for messaging services.”

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3. Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence keeps on being at the cutting edge of tech discussions, meetings and development. I accept there will be a major AI achievement in 2017 and 2018 that could change how businesses evolve and interact with customers. The scope of AI is disputed: as machines turn out to be progressively proficient, undertakings considered as requiring “intelligence” are regularly expelled from the definition, a wonder known as the AI impact, prompting the jest “AI is whatever hasn’t been done yet.For example, optical character recognition is as often as possible prohibited from “counterfeit consciousness”, having turned into a routine technology.

Capabilities for the most part named AI starting at 2017 include effectively understanding human speech,competing at an abnormal state in key diversion frameworks, self-governing autos, savvy directing in content conveyance systems, military recreations, and translating complex information, including images and videos.

4. Growth of VPNs


A virtual private network (VPN) makes a protected, encrypted connection between gadgets and a VPN server from a service provider, in this manner blocking snoopers. Expect the VPN to move from niche tech jargon to wider public usage in 2017 as web users get a grip on data privacy to prevent snooping, hacking and identity theft.

In the UK, the death of the Investigatory Powers Bill – otherwise known as the ‘snoopers charter’ – by “mechanically unskilled” MPs will be one driver as citizens realise that the legislation could mean their information being leaked. In the work environment, the ascent of IP communication, videoconferencing and remote working are making VPNs an unquestionable requirement have, as well.

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5. Machine Learning


Machine learning has taken some huge strides forward in the previous couple of years, even emerging to help and upgrade Google’s center web crawler calculation. However, once more, we’ve just observed it in a restricted scope of uses.

All through 2017, the machine learning refreshes develop no matter how you look at it, entering any sort of shopper application you can consider, from offering better prescribed items in view of earlier buy history to steadily enhancing the client experience of an examination application. Soon machine learning turns into a sort of “new ordinary,” with people expecting this type of artificial intelligence as a component of every form of technology.

6. Account-Based Marketing

account based marketing

Account based promoting activities will get truly modern. This isn’t another method as far as deals using it, however now, with the level of reach and focusing on that organizations can limit in on, you have an extraordinary chance to fabricate advances that serve these kinds of activities, particularly for those that have long high-value sales cycles.

7. Blockchain


Blockchain, which is the circulated record utilized for digital money, is making waves in numerous ventures, including payments, contracts, cloud storage, real estate and brokerage. It’s set to do even more in 2018 as more industries are starting to understand its benefits.

Blockchains are secure by outline and are an example of a distributed computing system with high Byzantine fault tolerance. Decentralized consensus has therefore been achieved with a blockchain. This makes blockchains potentially suitable for the recording of events, medical records,and different records management activities, such as identity management,transaction processing, documenting provenance, food trace ability or voting.

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