Top 10 Best Ways To Make Money Online

Top 10 Best Ways To Make Money Online


Ways to Make Money Online Free

Most people typically work from their company’s central location, a physical space where everyone from that organization gathers to exchange ideas and organize their efforts. But a few lucky souls have found ways to make money within the comfort of their own place.  Internet is an ever-changing area for businesses and also for earning  money. Here I have listed 10 easiest ways of earning online.

1. Paid Surveys

The easiest way to make free money online is paid survey. during paid survey the survey will be conducted on the basis of the particular product. The product details are given before you take the survey. After reading the details you can participate in the survey.By signing up and answering question about products are quite easy to fill out and then earn money.

Example site & link:






2. Blogging

With a blog with one thousand visitors per day a blog can earn from $0.5 to $30 per day. By using Google ad sense a successful blogger can earn up to $100 to $500 per day.You can use the ad service provided by other networks by yahoo like,

skills required:good command on language, ability to write in a interesting manner.

Example site & links:

Models Agency



3. Designing

All the websites and blog requires a “theme “also called as templates which indicate how the site looks like. we can also sell our themes in theme market places and earn descent income from this profession

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skills required: web design,css,html,javascript

Example site & link:



4. By teaching online

Skill share is one such services which allows you to be an online teacher. In this profession, we can teach virtually. it could range anything from mathematics to cooking. There is a similar service named UDEMY.On these site we can sell our course  and earn money.

Skills required:  expertise in subject which you are offering course

Example site & link




5. Sell your notes

It is a way to generate cash by sharing the notes with other students. If a student download the notes of yours then  you will get paid. Sites like NOTESALE are free to upload  your notes but they tend to take a cut of your profit to handle the market etc…

Example site & link



6. Selling on e-bay

We  have things so we don’t necessarily need but others are willing to buy, and we can auction off the items on E-Bay or other online auction sites. Simply gather your goods, create a seller’s profile and start selling. Obtaining a sellers account in e-bay is easy and simple. Remember to deliver a kind of  customer service that will gather positive feedback. Positive feed back will helps to promote your earning.

Example site & link



7. Review music for money

If your interested in music then make it as your business.  Reviewing unsigned bands and artists online for cash with SLICETHEPIE.It take a while for reputation. But the users are earning up to $40 a month. Anyone  can signup and review the music and earn money.

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Example site & link




8. Sell your photos

If you’re having a good shot and creative photos. then you can sell it on FOTOLIA,SHUTTERSTOCK and ISTOCKPHOTO.It is a site used for selling and buying the photos. Based on the people demand you can make your photography and sell it for a good price and earn money.

Example site & link




9. Write and Publish e-book:

If your good at anything, like researching and writing then you can make a e-book through AMAZON KINDLE STORE or with other sites  and get paid . The key to success with eBooks is to create value, and write non-fiction. Simply bundling information you have researched and complied on a common problem (eg. ‘secrets’ to finding a job) and then presenting it in an easy to digest format (an eBook) justifies someone spending a few quid on it. Encourage reader to give their review and comments, which will be useful to know their views and make rectified in second time of publishing.

Example site & link:

amazon kindle store


10. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is where the retailer does not keep goods in stock,but instead they transfers the customer orders and shipment information directly to wholesalers, who then ship the goods directly to the customer.

Example site & link



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