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Top 10 Necessary Plugins for WordPress


Top 10 Necessary Plugins for WordPress
If you have a WordPress powered site and are looking to make it both, user and visitor friendly as well as the most innovative site then check out the top 10 most essential plugins that you definitely would like to use.

WordPress SEO by Yoast
It is super easy of use and very effective. It works by SEO optimizing your site by helping you to choose your keywords, supporting social media integration and creating snippets for SERPs. It also tells you about the length of your content- if it’s too long or too short and also lets you know how well is your content optimized; using the traffic light indicators.

Developed by WordPress itself, it gives the features which were originally available to the users of It has many features like a CSS customization that lets you edit your site without modifying your theme, social media integration like Facebook and Twitter with your site, automatic URL shortening, letting the visitors to sign up for email notifications and enabling comments through different social media.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress
This fully customizable plugin shows you real time statistics of your traffic, including number of visits, pages per visit, number of unique visitors, bounce rates etc., all without letting you have to navigate away from your WordPress dashboard.

It is a very powerful plugin which should be employed on your WordPress site to get your blog posts noticed through the social networking media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. It lets your blog get noticed and stand out. It is also potent in recommending relevant content and even shows you the number of shares.

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WordPress Super Cache
If your site is too heavy on traffic, you can effectively reduce the load on your site by using this plugin. It converts your posts into static HTML Pages and serves them instead of the PHP files that are resource-consuming. You also have an alternative of W3 Total Cache, which will help to reduce page load and download times and provide instant second page views. It will also help you in improving your ranking on Google. However, if your traffic is way too much to handle, you would rather like to use Drupal.

WPtouch gives your website mobile support without any need of updating any coding. It has many settings to choose from and it very well optimizes your site to translate to the mobile usage.

You can turn your blog into an e-commerce site by the installation of this plugin. It has many widgets and themes which you can customize as per your need and choice; and has many standard payment options including PayPal.

Thank Me Later
It is a very useful plugin if you want to give the visitors who send you a comment, a personal touch. With this plugin you can send a thank you email to your new visitors or commenters. It can be programmed to send those thanking emails at a set time, like after two hours of the visitor’s commenting.

Custom Login
With this plugin you can use your own personal logo on the user log in screen instead of the default WordPress logos, giving your blog or site a more professional look.


It filters the user comments to get rid of the spams and unnecessary ad comments from your site and display the more relevant and useful comments. However, you can choose to moderate all comments as well.