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Top 10 Cartoon Making Software


Top 10 Cartoon Making Software

With technology blooming high, it is not just easy to edit your pics but create cartoons and comic characters too, courtesy to these fascinating and easy on pocket animation software listed below.

1.  Pencil

Pencil is an easy to use cartoon making software designed for unproffs. This software works on Mac operating system and on other operating systems like windows with great ease and grace. With its bitmap and vector graphic features, the 2D animation becomes fun.

2.  Synfig Studio

This cartoon making and animation software compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is not just available free of cost but is powerful and advanced in technique too. Generating layers parametrically, this software is vector based and brings you the pleasure of animating like a professional.

3.  Tupi

This user friendly 2D animation software works on Linux. Designed with incredible features, this software allows the users to tween objects export a range of formats and add audio to the animation.

  1. Scratch

Scratch is animation software that teaches the kids programming and animating. This 2D animation software is easy to use and allows the users to create images, add animation effects and share the creation online. You can even create stories and games with this software, its runs on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

5.  Inkscape

This cartoon creator software is an open software that is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows. It is available free of cost and works similar to abode illustrator allowing you to create logos, hand draw cartoons, deign websites etc. It is user friendly and provides a great platform for image editing and animation for non professionals.

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6.  Toon Boom Studio

This animation software is one of the most popular software that is used specifically for animation. Designed in Canada, this 2D animation program was founded in 1994 and has served good to the animation industry for all these years. It tremendously helps in developing storyboarding and animation for film, websites, television, games etc.

7.  Stop Motion Software: It’s not just for kids

Designed specifically to add stop motion effects to the animation, this 2D animation software allows the users to import images from cameras and hard drives and change them into animated clips. Using this software, you can even sound effects and can export your animation clips to various video formats like mpeg or avi too.

8.  Shade 3D

Shade offers you fantastic experience of 3D animation with its user friendly mechanism and outstanding features. It was developed in Japan by E Frontier and published by Mirye Software. Supporting polygon modeling and curved surface modeling, this software is a necessity for professionals.

  1. Poser Pro 2014

Poser Pro 2014 is the latest and fabulous software used for 3D animation that allows you to apply a range of effects like lightening, textures, use props etc. It provides you all the tools required for a flawless and easy animation.

   10.  Mudbox 2014

Mudbox 2014 has brought a change in animating industry with it user friendly nature and marvelous animation tools. It brings fantastic 3D effects to the animated clips and so has been used for animation in various Hollywood movies.

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    11.  Blender

Blender is fantastic 3D animation software that is absolutely free and easy to use. With its dynamic range of tools, it covers various areas of animation. Compact in size, this software makes animation fun and easy.