How to Develop a WordPress Plugin


Internet has leveraged the world with the choice to ditch their regular jobs and be their own bosses. More and more people are quitting their jobs and are starting their own internet company. These companies are here to serve the world with solution related to problems we face in our day to day life. Websites are the base of all these internet companies. For an online business, you need to have a physical office, where people can come and avail your services but when you take your business online; you…

WordPress Theme Development Tutorial – Part 2

WordPress Theme Development Tutorial – Part 2 In our previous tutorial we have told you how to create and convert a HTML code into a wordpress theme. Today in this tutorial we will tell you about the things you can do to the wordpress theme for making it more perfect and accurate. During the time you import codes from one editor to the other or during the time you change codes from HTML to wordpres most of the codes lose their alignment and are left to suffer. You as a…

WordPress Theme Development Tutorial – Part 1

WordPress Theme Development Tutorial- Part 1 Wordpress is on a rage, people are making optimum use of this platform to create dynamic websites and win the world. While some developers are earning millions some innocuous amateur developers are stuck with theme development. A theme plays an important role in attracting readers and customers. You need to have an exquisite theme for maintaining a loyal set of readers. In this tutorial we will teach you about WordPress Theme Development: –