Web Development Life Cycle


Web Development Life Cycle A good website need much input. This process is thus divided under various heads or stages that are called as development life-cycle. It is essential to help the web developers to align themselves to the tasks at hand and to give the maximum quality achievable. The whole development process of a website can be grouped into various life cycles of Analysis, Design and Development, Content, Coding and Testing, SEO and Maintenance.

Best Websites to Learn Web design Online


Best Websites to Learn Web design Online  We live in a world where everything is online. Gone are the days when people used to stand in long queues to pay their bills and walk a mile to get their favorite burger, today internet makes it easy, you can pay your bills and transfer your money with few clicks, today you need not to go out of your house to eat a burger, you can order it online and it will get delivered to your house.

Complete Web Testing Guide for a Web Application


Complete Web testing Guide for a Web Application  The innocuous world is in the need of amazing websites and blogs that can deliver high quality content to the users on internet seeking knowledge and updates about the recent development in various fields. The development of websites and blogs are not limited to designing and coding but it also involves integration and system testing. It is very important for a programmer to test the web application or a website before making it lives.

BigQuery an Introduction


The internet has squeezed the world, now people living in different corners of the world are just a click away, we can contact them any time we want. While the internet has made it easier for us to access the information, the need of storing information has grown rapidly. You need to have a mechanism to store data in a way from where it can be easily accessed and updated. It is important for companies and search engines to store data in an efficient way. Data are not only makes…