Rooting An Android Phone


What does “root” mean? Rooting is essentially giving you administrative access to your device. Once your device is rooted, you will have an application by the name of Superuser that can be found in your app drawer. This application is where you can control the permissions of any applications that require “administrative” rights. This is a simple way of looking at it.

Software Licensing- An Overview


A Software License is a legally binding agreement that specifies the terms of use of an application and defines the rights of the software producer and the end-user. Fierce competition, cloud and virtualization and software piracy all force the software producers to adopt one or the other form of software licensing to meet their organization’s need in the best possible way. Software Licensing allows software producers to combat piracy and generate revenue by easily enabling new software monetization, licensing, pricing and packaging models.

Top 10 Cloud Services for Web Developers


Cloud-based storage, computing and collaboration applications are beneficiary for every Internet user. However, web developers especially benefit from Cloud Services, giving them the ease of designing, modifying and debugging codes. Here are the top 10 cloud services that every web developer can use for improving their efficiency and productivity.

Top 10 Open Source Project Management Tools


Every project is developed with intricate planning and with zealous dedication. Sometimes we work harder but at the end we are left with nothing. It is important to follow the paradigm of planning and then harvest results that are going to be beneficial for the world. Project Management tools are very important for enterprises across the world, it is important for the companies to use all the available resources in an appropriate way to achieve the success of the project. In this article we bring to you the top 10…