100+ Most Useful Resources for PHP Development


100+ Most Useful Resources for PHP Development Having numerous ready to use scripts, easy usage and a detailed documentation, PHP is the most popular server scripting language present today. Here is a documentation of over 100 most useful tools and resources which the huge community of web developers can use for PHP development.

How to optimize PHP scripts

PHP Optimizing Tips for Better Experience Designing websites is a fun affair, every developer loves to sit in front of his system and punch keys on the keyboard but optimizing PHP script is a nightmare. It takes your sleep away and leaves you with weird codes to be arranged. At the end of the day it is essential to optimize the script. Optimizing the script in earlier stages of development is even more important.

PHP Application Development Basics

PHP Application Development Basics Developers across the world are making use of PHP for developing web applications which are being used by people for various purposes. These apps play an important role in everyone’s life. They make work easier and save a lot of time. People have come to make the optimum use of these apps in the recent times. Today we have thousands of developers and millions of app. These apps are being downloaded in the remotest corner of the world. People are relying on these apps for daily…