Marketing vs Branding vs Selling


Companies across the world held meetings on the topic of Branding and Marketing but least they understand the main differences between these keywords. To them Branding is selling their product, Marketing is the ways of selling and Selling is simply acquiring money from the pocket of customers. Every year thousands of companies start and hundreds of them are forced to shut down. Some of the very big names from the entrepreneurial world have succumbed to the pressure of shutting down because of their wrong policies. It is very important to…

How to Start a Network Marketing Business

How to Start a Networking Business Online Networking Business or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is very easy and cost effective to set up online provided one has the correct motivation, knowledge and guidance. After you have decided on the product that you would be selling for example home based products like cleaners or cosmetics etc. and fixed the deal with a wholesaler for the supplying of those products, you now need to direct your attention towards building your online Networking Business.