Android vs iOS a Technical Report


Android VS IOS—a Technical Report Well! Let’s admit that we all have reading and thinking a lot about the battle between Android and IOS. We all have used IOS and Android but only few of us have reached to a consensus about which is best. The world is growing more and denser, people are buying mobile phones like never before and in recent past the love for smart phones has increased by leaps and bounds.

The First Impression of IOS 8 from Beta Testing


The First Impression of IOS 8 from Beta Testing The community of doers and the group of tech enthusiasts has always shown profound interest in the products of Apple Inc. It is very true that Apple Inc. leverages with products and software packages that makes life simpler and convenient, it always easier to mix sound and edit a movie on a Macbook pro than on any other Windows laptop or computer. Now that the world has started admiring the unique work of Apple, the company is trying to innovate like…