How to download Videos from Facebook

Download facebook videos

Have you ever come across a video on Facebook that you wanted to download to view later on? One way that you can save a copy of the video on Facebook is to use the save on facebook features But that only let’s you bookmark the video to view later on. What if you lost your original video file and you want to upload it to another social network such as Instagram or Youtube? Instead of spending hours re-creating your video, you can download a copy from Facebook.

Future of PHP

future of php

Future of PHP While the world is under the cease of dynamic websites, there are some experts worried about the Future of PHP. PHP for sure has changed the way Dynamic websites were developed and maintained. A dynamic website on the front can be defined as a website that allows the interaction between the User and the User Interface and interaction between User Interface and Server. The user can provide input and request for a specific output. The occurrence of dynamic websites has enhanced the experience of web surfing and…

Top Best Facebook Apps Ever

Causes Causes is the world’s largest online campaigning platform. Causes connects people who support a common cause and empowers them to take action together. Causes members have raised over $48M for nonprofits, collected 34M signatures for grassroots campaigns, and organized thousands of awareness campaigns. Since launching in 2007, Causes has helped over 186M people in 156 countries connect with their cause.