Freelancer VS Entrepreneur


Freelancer VS Entrepreneur  The world has breached new regulations and people are more than excited to break these rules and make their own paths. Freelancing is the new trend but the number of people believing in entrepreneurship is way more. People are keen to become their own bosses but least they know that entrepreneurship is not only about starting a business but it is about nourishing a business. Entrepreneurship takes more courage and passion than a regular jobs and that is why we have more employees and less employers.

Why Travel improve Entrepreneurs?


Why Travel improve Entrepreneurs?  Entrepreneurship as stated by many great personalities is not a way of life instead it is a lifestyle. When you choose to be an entrepreneur, you break a cord from the world and you start living in your world of passion and hard work. Entrepreneurship is a tough road and you need to be strong enough to bear all the pains and all the road blocks that are going to come in your life.