Differences between Android Studio and Eclipse


what are the differences between the two can mean for your development proces? This article shows the differences between android studio and eclipse Differences in working with Android Studio and Eclipse First thing is that there is no need of workspaces and sub projects.in eclipse we are familiar with the multiple components projects and libraries. which are compiled into .jar files which are included in the final resulting application.

Top 10 Java IDE – a Comparison


Top 10 Java IDE – a Comparison JavaScript can be depicted as the backbone of development of dynamic websites across the world. Thousands of developers across the world are making optimum use of these scripts for writing dynamic sites that can cater a huge number of users and clients at the same time. JavaScript cannot be used alone for writing websites; they need another programming language like HTML or CSS for combination of dynamic and static codes. JavaScript with HTML code can be used to write mobile applications as well.…