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Top 5 Best Super Bowl Commercials


This year’s Super Bowl commercials largely took a break from politics and offered up silly humor instead. We saw a couple of them coming – for example, released their ads online before – yet others, for example, David Harbor’s numerous Tide advertisements, overwhelmed us. Here are the five of the most interesting, most memorable commercials of the night.

1. Kia – “Feel Something Again”

Kia’s 60-second ad highlights Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler taking the new Kia Stinger for a turn and switching the distance back to his younger self. After traveling backwards in time, Tyler ventures out of the car to an onrushing crowd of adoring fans coming to welcome him. It felt like Kia extremely needed all of us to be inspired by their CGI work to reproduce a young Tyler, yet the outcome was slightly horrifying. They most likely should’ve gained from Henry Cavill’s mustache before sinking so much cash and exertion into this weird ad.

2. Bud Water

Taking a break from the traditional Clydesdale, Budweiser brought home the prize for most heartwarming commercial while not seeming fabricated. Amid the storm help exertion of 2017, Budweiser ended lager generation in a few distilleries and made water. The ad elegantly featured this effort without feeling self-celebratory.

3. Tide

In the art of troll promotions, clothing detergent Tide set the highest quality level Sunday night. Its quality felt in each of the four quarters, this advertisement makes incredible utilization of a superstar cameo (David Harbor of “Stranger Things”) and strikingly takes confusion where no advertisement has gone previously. It’s not a Super Bowl ad, it’s a Tide advertisement.

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4. Hyundai

Hyundai decided not to feature any of their cars in Sunday’s Super Bowl ad. Rather, the company put an emphasis on their endeavors to support childhood cancer research and how purchasing a Hyundai can have an effect. The advertisement highlighted genuine Hyundai owners and real cancer survivors meeting each other, which most likely was inspiring for a lot of viewers.

5. Snickers – Betty White

If you’ve ever been hungry, you realize that you’re not you when you’re hungry, and you can say thanks to Betty White for that. Besides, what’s more amusing than viewing a Golden Girl playing football and waste chatting with the boys?