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Top 10 Stock Photography Websites 2017


One of the benefits of stock photography is that it offers you the opportunity to win an automated revenue. When you shoot your photographs, upload them to the stock symbolism site, and set the metadata for your images, your work is for the most part done! You can move onto different things while your stock photographs begin offering and you begin gaining royalties off of every sale. The top of our list of 10 best Stock Photography Websites to sell in 2018.

1. Shutterstock


Shutterstock is considered by numerous photographers to be among the best three stock imagery sites today. Shutterstock offers free registration, and commission rates start at 25%. Since Shutterstock is one of the main hubs for stock photography however, photographers face a decent amount of competition. To get acknowledged into Shutterstock, you should submit 10 photos, 7 of which must be approved.

2. Dreamstime


Dreamstime is generous with their commissions and is considered by many photographers to be one of the best stock imagery sites to work with. Remember that Dreamstime has fantastic norms, so quality checks while submitting photographs. To begin offering on Dreamstime you should set up a record and submit test photographs. If your samples are approved, your photographs will then be made accessible available to be purchased, and you will get a 25-half royalty off of each sale.

3. Fotolia


Fotolia is another top tier stock imagery site. It is free to join, and there are no restrictions on how many images you can upload. Royalties can run somewhere in the range of 20% to 63% depending on the popularity of your portfolio. There’s likewise a free image section, where you can give some of your photographs in the event that they are rejected from the consistent database, enabling you to get some extra exposure.

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4. Pond5


Pond5 helps you to connect with customers that will know how to value your art, whether it’s images, videos, 3D models, illustrations, video, music or sound effects. For each sale you make, you will acquire half, and best of all, you set your costs as you wish with no restriction.

5. Fantero


Fantero focuses more on the achievement of contributors than clients. Each activity you make on Fantero is presenting to you some sort of cash, and there is even a reward of $11 in the event that you reach $100. For each offer of your work, they are giving you half 75% of all the installment. They’ll likewise Fantero give you 10% of each contributor’s earnings you bring to the platform.

6. iStockPhoto



iStockPhoto is a respectable stock photograph site. That implies that your application ought to be sufficiently solid to beat the opposition. But after you are in, you can even sell your flash files, and for every image or video posted by you and licensed by iStockPhoto you will earn between 15% and 45%.

7. Smugmug


While you are determining which photos to upload and how to set your prices, Smartmug will organize your portfolio and bring the customers to check your work out. The greater part of your work is permitted to have watermarks and print marks,and for saving the originality of your photo, you can put a limit on a display size. If someone is interested in buying your photo, you will get 85% of the sale.

8. Stocksy


Stocksy is a generally newcomer, established in 2013 by none other than Bruce Livingstone – iStock’s original founder. Many photographers are observing Stocksy to be an incredible place to begin offering. The Stocksy business model is something that most photographers can appreciate; its stated focus is on fair pay and creating sustainable careers for its members. Not at all like numerous stock symbolism locales that have a tendency to be stingy with their pay outs, Stocksy pays out half commission; a fair deal for most photographers.

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9. Snapped4U


Enroll for nothing, make your own gallery, and deal with all your photographs individually. In spite of the fact that there is no restriction for photograph posting, site owners suggest that you don’t upload more than 300 photographs per gallery, but each gallery expires after a few months. Here, you are charged a 10% fee per sale.

10. Crestock


Crestock is a relatively simple site to use. After setting up a free account, you can upload photographs for review. If approved, you will get 20%-40% commission on every photograph that offers. Signup is simple, and once you’re registered you can start uploading images immediately.