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Future of PHP MVC Frameworks


The advent of Internet on the face of the world has made working easier and efficient, now we need not to move out of our houses to get our works done, one click and our work is done. Internet has also leveraged us with various options of entertainment. the world has started admiring the unique work of Apple, the company is trying to innovate like never before and serve the customers across the globe with something new and unique every time.

While the internet has served us with so many things, people behind all these sites and applications have worked harder to develop them. Innocuous web development languages and inscrutable codes have been a nightmare for them but with time the technology developed and today we have some awesome frameworks like PHP, which allows us to develop dynamic websites with great ease and grace.

Future of PHP

When we talk about PHP and the framework it provides with, we are bound to discuss its future and we are bound to raise questions like What Next? When we already have the best then what is going to be the next, we need to understand this question and we will have to answer it with some meticulous efforts.

Some of the varied frameworks of PHP are making waves in the world of dynamic websites and the future is going to be written around them because they are the future, people are using them for developing websites that are dynamic, safe and way faster.

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Yii: – The most popular framework from the house of PHP is here to cater to all your needs. It allows you to develop a site that is fast, secure and allows integration of different databases written in different languages.

Codeigniter: – As the name suggests codeigniter happens to be one of the most widely used framework for developing codes that needs to deal with various inputs and outputs. The concept of dynamic websites makes it difficult on the part of developers while for the users it is the best thing that could have ever happened.

Ellis Lab: – Faster, Secure, Dynamic and Reliable are some adjectives that define the Ellis lab in a better way. You can depend on this framework for developing a website for personal use and for using it for your business. The framework has great opportunities and it allows the developer to take a lead and develop something that is not only dynamic but also reliable. Using Ellis lab framework for writing websites for companies and for official use is a better option. You can write websites that caters to thousands of visitors at the same time without failing.

 Laravel: – Laravel happens to be the fastest growing PHP framework. In recent past the usage of laravel has increased by leaps and bounds. Developers across the world are using it for making sites that have the capability to hold on when the server is really busy answering the queries of the visitors and the framework has some pre-defined libraries that makes the safety features stronger.

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