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What is PHP Design Patterns?


PHP Design patterns, to understand the concept of design patterns, we will have to divide the phrase and discuss one by one. We will start with Design in software development and then we will discuss the use of patterns in the field of software and at the end we will discuss some of the most widely used PHP design patterns in the contemporary world.

 Design: – Design as the name suggest is a fixed caricature. When we say design, what comes to our mind is a picture of something. We develop an image which can lead to a place or to a solution. Design are the paradigm which is tried, tested and proved to be efficient enough to solve any problem related to specific problems. We can depend on these designs for making our problems look smaller and easier to conquer.

Patterns: – Patterns are very similar to design; they are also a set of tried, tested and proved techniques. Patterns can be defined as the specific way to solve a problem. When we talk about solution to any problem, we discuss about a set of steps to be followed to solve the problem, that set of steps are Patterns. They are used to solve patterns.

PHP: – PHP as we all know is a programming language in which dynamic websites are written. PHP is a contemporary programming language and people across the globe are using it for developing sites that can cater to their growing needs and help them in reaching out to millions of visitors from different corners of the world.

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PHP Design Patterns

Now that we have conquered the definitions of Design, Pattern and PHP in intricate ways, it is easy for us to define what actually a PHP Design Pattern is. PHP design patterns are the ways of approaching the development of a website. There are numerous ways a problem can be solved and like that there are hundreds of ways which can be used to develop a dynamic website. It is easier to develop sites when you have a design pattern, when you stick to design patterns, you are bound to commit less errors and develop a site that is awesome, fast, reliable and efficient enough to cater to your needs.

Some of the most widely used PHP design patterns can be listed as: –

  • Factory Pattern Added: – Factory pattern added allows you to enjoy a variety of changing options. You can use all these options to make your site reliable and faster.
  • Decorator Pattern: – This pattern is about using functions that can be changed in the middle if there is a need. It is used for developing sites on Ad-hoc basis because in Ad-hoc the outcomes are not fixed and even the goals are shimmering.
  • Welcome: – People across the globe use this PHP design pattern for developing sites for their regular use. Welcome design pattern ranks at the highest level for developing sites for regular use with proper security features.