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How to optimize PHP scripts


PHP Optimizing Tips for Better Experience

Designing websites is a fun affair, every developer loves to sit in front of his system and punch keys on the keyboard but optimizing PHP script is a nightmare. It takes your sleep away and leaves you with weird codes to be arranged. At the end of the day it is essential to optimize the script. Optimizing the script in earlier stages of development is even more important.

Following the tried and tested paradigm of optimizing code is always a good idea. We bring to you varied different tips of optimizing PHP script for better developing experience: –

Make Use of Single Quotes
Making use of Single Quotes (‘ ’) instead of bringing double Quotes ( “ “) in use is always better. Single quotes are faster than double quotes given you are only going to keep strings inside it. Doubles quotes are used for including variables and they are known to add extra bits which make them slow.
Using ===
Using === in place of == is always preferred and advised because === checks for a specified range of script which makes it faster and reliable.

Use Appropriate Structure
Making direct use of strings is advised because when you use them with a function it tends to make the program slow. Use appropriate sentence structure that are fast and have clear meaning.

Smart Use of Variables
Variables are going to come again and again in your program and you will have to handle them with extra intricacy. You can always use them smartly. For example: if your program requires calculation then calculating the numbers at the start of program and assigning it to the variable is always a good idea than giving input every time variable comes up. Set the value of the variable at the beginning of the program rather than calculating it every now and then.

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Stop Making Overuse of Classes
I agree! Classes are good, but you need to create them only when required. Making unnecessary use of classes makes your program verbose and you will face lots of hindrances.

Use Caching Techniques
Using caching techniques helps you in faster execution and also saves loads of your memory. You are spared from saving some data at different places in the database. You can use it from cache memory every time you need it.

Using Default Functions of PHP
When you try to mix your own expertise with the codes of PHP you mess up. Most of the time you will get lost and it will become difficult to find a way back to the original program so it always advised to make use of Default functions of PHP. These functions are in-built and they go well with the programming language.

Use Switch Cases
Using Switch Cases make program easier to implement and understand, use as many as you can and you will see your program getting better. It saves your program from getting monotonous and verbose.

Use all the above related tips to make your PHP experience better.