Node.js vs Angular.js
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Node.js vs Angular.js


Angular.js, Node.js both are fast growing Web Application frameworks nowadays. We describe some of the important things how we differentiate both of them.

Angular.JS is a web application framework which can be edited by any amateur developer or expert from across the world. This open source framework is maintained by the internet giant Google. Angular.JS is used worldwide for developing single-page applications and forms. These pages are generally developed with the involvement of mark-up languages like HTML. A client using JavaScript can also access to these pages.

Node.js is applications widely used on cross-platforms like Linux and Windows without the need of incorporating any changes. These applications are basically written in JavaScript and are used to enhance the efficiency of the events and servers.

In the race of Node.js VS Angular.js, it turns very difficult for the experts to end up with a consensus, we bring a simple comparison of the both and will leave on to you to decide the winner of the battle Node.js VS Angular.js: –

  • Angular.js makes use of ‘Don’t repeat yourself’ development principle while Node.js makes use of ‘convention over configuration’ development principle for development of pages and applications.
  • Angular.js makes optimum use of MVVM design pattern while Node.js makes use of ‘Actors’ and Model-view-Controller and Model-view-Presenter design patterns for the project management.
  • These both JavaScript applications accept Multilingual Content and hence leverage people from different corner of the world to make changes in their open source coding.
  • Angular.js and Node.js both are portable and can be used across different platforms like Linux and Windows with equal ease and efficiency.
  • Angular.js is written in the programming language known as JavaScript translator while Node.js is written in the programing language commonly referred to as JavaScript/Node.js.
  • When it comes to Documentation level both the applications are awarded with a Four out of Five star from various agencies across the world.
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Both these applications are efficient and are helping people in changing the world. So with this we will put a full stop to the Node.js VS Angular.js battle.