Node.js An Introduction


Introduction to Node.js
Node.js as we know is a JavaScript. It is very different from the normal JavaScript codes we write while writing a program. It is rather a concept used to run JavaScript outside the web browsers. People across the world are making optimum use of the JavaScript for writing interfaces of their sites and blogs. JavaScript is one of the best way of creating dynamic websites and blogs that can interact with user and take inputs as well. Node.js just increases the proximity of the JavaScript by adding loads of features and capability into the basic programming language Java.

Node acts as a wrapper in between the browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla. It wraps the code and optimizes it to work better with these browsers. That’s how node.js can be defined “it helps in running JavaScript outside the web browsers”. Node is known to fine tune the V8 JavaScript for running easily on Google Chrome browsers. It works on the manipulation of data as well. It works on the binary conversion of the data and makes it easier for the Java code to run on these sites.
Node never provides straight access to V8; it has different ways of doing the same and it uses other paths for providing access to the JavaScript. Node.js makes the JavaScript more useful in the context of developers.
V8 is a smart thing; it brings in use the latest technology from across the world. The latest technologies they use in compiler are too good and too fast.
They compile codes in a manner that it runs on almost all web browsers ever designed and developed.
They allow the higher language codes to act as lower language codes and get their works done within minutes. This is all done to enhance the performance of the JavaScript on different platforms and browsers.
Node.js uses the properties of JavaScript for producing servers that are highly scalable. The characteristics like Event Driven Language make it easier for the JavaScript to get converted and executed and node make these high scalable servers very safe and fast.
The Node.js makes use of different strategies for enhancing the performance of the server by leaps and bounds.
Node works hard to reduce the complexity of the servers and the codes to make it run efficiently on different platforms.
Programming concurrency is hard and full of danger. Node.js sidesteps the issues and makes a clear way for the codes to get optimized and run with awesomeness.

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Installing Node
Installing Node.js can be a troublesome task if you are not a professional. A professional with a sound knowledge of Java, Compilers and Web browsers can do this task with great ease while for an amateur developer this may get hectic and troublesome.
You are advised to read the instructions and the manual with great intricacy before installing this or before bringing it in use. Read all the points listed above with concentration to understand the working of the Node.js. Understand how hard it works to make compilation and execution of codes easier.