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MLM Plans and their benefits


The modules of business has changed over the time, today different business houses work with different plans for sharing revenues. It is important for every enterprise to go down and share their revenues with each of their employee and down lines.

MLM can be illustrated as Multi-Level Marketing and it is used to divide the revenue among the employees equally. One of the most efficient examples can be illustrated as ‘A person working in sales avail all the profit he earns from sales and as well a share of the profit earned by a person hired by him i.e down line’.

MLM planes are just perfect way of distributing the revenue among each and employee of the company.

Some of the most common MLM plans can be listed as following: –

Stair Step Plan: – Stair Step Plain happens to be one of the most widely used Multi-level Marketing Plan in the entrepreneurial plan. It is easier for companies to go to different level and share the revenue in equal proportion. Stair Step Plan is not only about sharing revenues but also about ensuring equal participation of every employee in the company. Amway, Conventional and Management are some of the common names for this plan. The front hall is the top level of this plan. This position also has the highest compensation in the hierarchy. The one at the least position has the lowest compensation allowed and the revenue is also shared along the hierarchy.

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UNI LEVEL PLAN: – this plan has also enamored some fanatics from the business world. People who all have defied the use of stair plan are now using UNI LEVEL PLAN for sharing revenue among the employees of the company. It draws loads of similarity with the Stair Step plan and works on a mechanism that allows the company to share information, compensation and revenue in a much easier way.

As the name suggests, in UNI LEVEL plan we consider every level as equal levels and on the basis of same revenue and compensations are shared.

The Matrix Plan: – Some people and companies try to work differently, so that their formula of success is neither shared nor copied by anyone else in the market. Matrix Plan is for such innocuous companies with affection for originality. They are also known as forced growth and fixed growth. Reports from different corners of the world have suggested that these are the best kind of plans and they ensure a good growth for the company and distributors. Following this plan will allow the distributors to benefit equally as the company owner.

Though matrix follows loads from the UNI LEVEL plan but it defies the hard and fast rules like number of fix members on a level. Like a matrix goes a 4X4 matrix will have 4 members on the fist, 16 on the second, 64 on the 3rd and so on. The matrix plan differs here from the UNI LEVEL and Stair Step plan and makes a different identity. The different allows the maximum growth of the company as well distributors.

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