How to Merge two cells in Excel

How to Merge two cells in Excel

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Merging two cells in excel is simple. You can merge two or more cells into one cell. For example, if you are having the first name of a person in the first cell and last name in the second cell. Now you can use merge cell option to see the first and last name in one cell.

Steps to Merge two cells in Excel

  • Select and click on the cell where you want to put combine text in your site.
  • Now type the formula for merging two cells. Type= (A2& “” &B2) and click enter.
  • Here A2 and B2 mentioned in the formula are cell name.  You must change according to your sheet.
  • Now you have successfully merged the cell text.

Have a lot of rows of data to combine?

If you want to merge lots of rows of data then you need not to do the above procedure repeatedly.

  • Click the cell where you want to put the first set of merged text.
  • Then copy the Text and drag down across the cells, which you to combine. (Just your copying the formula used for combining the first cell text).
  • Press Enter.
  • Now all the cell text is merged and displayed.

merge two cells in excel


Merge two cells in excel by using CONCATENATE

  • Click on the cell you put the combined text.
  • Now type formula =CONCATENATE (A2, ” “, B2) (You can change the cell name according to your choice).
  • If you’re having lots of rows of data to combine, then follow the same procedure used above.


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