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Best Websites to Learn Web design Online


Best Websites to Learn Web design Online

 We live in a world where everything is online. Gone are the days when people used to stand in long queues to pay their bills and walk a mile to get their favorite burger, today internet makes it easy, you can pay your bills and transfer your money with few clicks, today you need not to go out of your house to eat a burger, you can order it online and it will get delivered to your house.

When we can pay our bills online, when we can order food online and then why not study online? The concept of online studies is trending, people from different corners of the world are making optimum use of this technology to educate more and more people. People who live under the poverty level can also avail these educational services.

According to a survey from a reputed agency, 75 percent of people seeking education over internet are busy learning Web designing. The uproar of web designing in recent past has made it the most favorite degree of people. Everyone is trying to learn it and work as a web developer.

We bring to you a list of sites from where you can avail the quality education of Web Designing: –


  • Google Developers University Consortium: – You do not need to go anywhere when you have Google at your service. Google is not only about searches that you make every day but Google is about everything you can think of on Internet. You can register yourself with this site and avail the best of web designing lessons. This learning portal leverages you with the option to upload and download assignments. You can also take tests on this site and scale your learning experience in terms of marks.
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  • Opera: – One of the most trusted site for online learning. You can learn a number of programming languages from the site and you can always learn practice your learning with the hundreds of assignments listed on site. You can also write exams based on your learning and earn a certificate for yourself. These sites help you in developing an online portfolio for yourself. You can take tests and gain good marks and publish it on your site to enamor more and more customers.


  • Lynda.com: – If you have ever made a search related to online learning then you must know about this online site known as Lynda.com. You can avail hundreds of online courses from these sites and gain the requisite knowledge. You can also spread the word and earn referral points on these sites. They have like millions of registered students of all ages from different corners of the world. These sites are making the world a better place to live and people are making optimum use of these available sources for learning.

The advent of internet courses has made it easier for the people to learn hundreds of programming language. You can always take a bow and learn enough to make a living out of it.