Differences between LCD and LED

Differences between LCD and LED


LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes display and LCD is known as Liquid Crystal Displays. These are two sorts of displays accessible in today’s world. LED are one stage propelled type of LCD display to enhance the picture quality and other aspects of display quality.

Mainly LED displays are LCD displays where an LED backlight is used behind the LCD panel in place of Cold Cathode lights in order to improve luminosity and video definition of the display. Despite the fact that this is the real contrast amongst LCD and LED displays, it enhances the general picture quality of LED shows and make them superior than LCDs. Lets check the significant parts of both the show.

Viewing angles

LED displays does not behave like LCD display which begin to get lessened if goes crosswise over 30 degree from the inside point. The viewing angles of displays has no limit in LED displays since it’s loaded with larger viewing angle. LED displays is known for having better viewing angles in comparison of LCD displays.

Contrast and Black level

Contrast and Black level of the LED screen is better than the LCD screens because the liquid crystals cannot stop 100% of the backlight from cold cathode backlight and hence when the black screen is to be shown on the monitor, it is not totally dark . But LED screens screens perfectly show the black screen as there is no backlight at all.

Colour accuracy

If you are looking for excellent colour accuracy, pick only LED display. In spite of the fact that there is no extraordinary distinction between the shading precision of LED and LCD, however nobody can deny that LED shows runs with awesome shading exactness. LED displays is stacked with RGB LEDs.

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Size also matters in the event that you are venturing out to buy. LCD come in the size range from 15inches to 65 inches, while LED shows are accessible between 17inches to 70inches. If wishes a bigger size, that desires a greater size, you can prefer LED displays.

Use of Mercury

LED shows don’t utilize mercury (utilized as a part of cathode lights in LCD backdrop illumination) so they are are environment friendly.

Video Playback

LED displays is equipped with a faster response rate time factor to have a better experience while watching fast action video. For an extraordinary display go for LED displays since it keeps you far from blurring images, motion lag etc.


LED displays are more expensive than LCDs

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