jQuery vs Ajax

jQuery vs Ajax


AJAX is a technique to do an XMLHttpRequest (out of band Http request) from a web page to the server and send/retrieve data to be used on the web page. AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript And XML. It uses javascript to construct an XMLHttpRequest, typically using different techniques on various browsers.

jQuery (website) is a javascript framework that makes working with the DOM easier by building lots of high level functionality that can be used to search and interact with the DOM. Part of the functionality of jQuery implements a high-level interface to do AJAX requests. jQuery implements this interface abstractly, shielding the developer from the complexity of multi-browser support in making the request


1.It doesn’t use HTML .It cannot reload the page after it is once loaded.

2.It is a combination of several technologies like CSS,HTML,DOM .

3.It is accessed in proper procedure to retrieve data from server.

4.Heavy Use of AJAX often leads to server overload due to more number of connections created.


1.It focuses on the interaction with HTML elements.

2.It cannot provide new functionality by combining with other technologies.

3.jQuery does not require understanding of the complete procedure to setup a page.

4.There is no chance for overload of server while using jQuery since there is no such heavy usage in jQuery.

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