Is Freelancing Profitable still?

Is Freelancing Profitable still?


Once upon a time when freelance introduced in online, it makes some sense. I don’t know when and where its started. But its really worth for people who can want a work from their home and the people whom want to complete the tasks with right candidates.  Freelancing is good for both for them.

Is that really worth the same still?

The answer is NO.

You may doubted on me? right. Its really worth for people who offer jobs but for the other side of freelancers? No, Its not really worth.

So many people signups in online freelancing websites such as Elance, Guru, ODesk, Freelancer with a lot of interests and money making dreams. But only some of them can survive in that places.

Why only some of them? Because they,

  • Well known the particular technology/skill.
  • charges too small than others.
  • can handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • got projects from repeated clients.

Yes, really they have skills to finish the project in a better way where its meets the client’s requirements.

But in current economy situation people who offers projects only concentrate on small bidding. It makes more competition among the expert & amateur freelancers and companies. Finally one freelancer awarded for the project successfully because of their LOW BID RATE.  What about other’s situation?! even they are expert and right choice for the particular project and they gave affordable right charge, they can’t get the project.

So it forces that most people must bid their rate very low than all others to get the project. They working under pressure without any huge profits even for big projects. 70% of the clients seems like Skill eaters and they give more pressure to freelancers for a small amount.

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I have seen one project on one top freelance sites a few days before, one client needs a social network website with all the exact features like facebook, but the budget below US$500?! – and there is around 15 proposals for the project and the average BID is US$.275??

I hope freelancers will get a global pricing system to fix the budget for the particular project. Then only it will be fair to bid. Its good both for clients and freelancers.



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